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MOTIVATION MONDAY: Clothing & Beauty

Welcome to another Motivation Monday over at cassiescookery!
Today I’m talking about style and beauty.
IMG_20150723_173723_editMy friends will all attest to the fact that I am no make-up artist, and that I wear the wrong things for the wrong occasions. I guess you could say it’s a bit of a signature. But I can tell you that I have a lot of fun dressing up, or dressing down, shopping, and designing outfits. So much so that I plan my clothes for the week in advance.

Some #ootd
Some #ootd

IMG_20150630_134854Most significantly, I have learned that outer confidence and pride comesfrom within, as completely corny as that sounds. In addition, I attribute a lot of my clear skin success with acupressure, homemade cleansers, and baths. Try a baking soda scrub, or a wash with aloe. Wash your face, but don’t think about it so much. Don’t use cleansers from Clean and Clear or other brand names that beg for your money and are man made and not invited for the purpose of being put on our skin. Love yourself by thinking about what is pure and natural for your body. This applies in so many aspects of our lives! Coming into your own and being exactly who you are starts with natural and wholesome living, and ends with a passion that exceeds all expectations– societal, and the ones that come from within. Presenting yourself in a manner that makes YOU feel good results in a host of benefits.
Moisturizer. Coconut oil. Just a little bit all over the face. No, it doesn’t make your skin oily.
Scrub. Water with lemon juice and baking soda.
My eating disorder took away much of my hair health, but I’m getting it back, slowly but surely. I use argan oil in the morning and don’t brush it. Hahahaha.
To sum it up in one sentence? Retro girly almost always wearing a skirt even in the snow bohemian modern chic. I am strongly opinionated, though, that a person should never, under any circumstances, feel defined by one statement or thing or factor. But that’s a rant for another day.
I’m off to read in the sun for a bit! Enjoy your Monday and do whatever makes you happy.

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