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TOP TEN TUESDAY: Southern Inspiration

Can you tell I’ve been inspired by the southern parts? I must tell you, Nashville TN is my favourite place in the world hands down. It is the perfect contrast between a small town feel and the bustling city. Everyone has adorable accents, cowboy hats are the norm, and country music plays EVERY WHERE. I am in love, and frankly pretty emotional about it.IMG_20150707_130622_edit
This week’s top ten definitely has a southern inspiration.
Food. I’m proud to say I’m eating lots of dark chocolate! I have had a big problem and fear of anything non paleo for years and always think twice about anything with added sugar, but the sugar had been good for me!
Nashville Grub. Catfish! Tonight we went to a bar called Honky Tonk and listened to some AMAZING live music, and I had a catfish sandwich! I’m proud of how versatile I’m being about my food.
Mantra. In times of pain, God has a plan we cannot see. When I think of the painful times I endured deep within anorexia, thst I thought we never end, I think about now. Excited about a boy, smiling ear to ear at country music, and laughing my head off with my family. Also really wishing I was 21 so I could drink some beer.
Song. At the moment, I can’t get enough of Lie with Me by Lady Antebellum. It’s unreal and gives me chills.
Place. So far, I have seen the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Rymen Aud, and basically every shop and bar in downtown Nashville. I must say that my favourite thing has been just strolling the streets, listening to the accents and drawlly laughs, watching the buskers. I never ever want to leave.
Nail Colour. Pastel Purple! I keep repainting them.
People. My family. Spending time with them like this reinforces for me how lucky I am to have such incredible parents and sisters.
Mindset. I’m focusing a lot on mindfulness. Thinking in the moment, living for right now, nourishing my body, listening to my peers. I am at peace.
Challenge. Putting maple syrup in my oatmeal! Again, added sugar, aka “unnecessary calories” freaks me out to no end, huge, stupid, disordered fear food. I’ve put maple syrup in my oatmeal a couple times this week, though; take that, orthorexia!
Revelation. I cannot stop thinking about how huge this world actually is. I mean, as I sit here in one tiny hotel in Nashville, thousands of people live back in my hometown and there are millions of other hometowns and I just can’t wrap my head around it. In truth, it’s very humbling.
Enjoy your Tuesdays, and please, if you can, visit Nashville!

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