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The Writing Bug

The Writing Bug

I have an unwavering, overwhelming, constant need to write. I’ve had it since before I can remember. When I was in fourth grade, my teacher entered a paper I wrote in a writing contest that I ended up winning. From that point forward, I was […]

The Wedding Series: My Mood Board

The Wedding Series: My Mood Board

Hi friends! I guess you could say I’ve been dealing with a January slump. ūüôĀ I always struggle in January, with the cold weather and snowy conditions. And yet, my wedding day is in the heart of January 2020. In the cozy Cambridge Mill, though. […]

"I Believe" Bible Study: The Necessity of Prayer and Fasting

"I Believe" Bible Study: The Necessity of Prayer and Fasting

Mark 9:29

“Jesus said to him, “This kind [of spirit] can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting.”

In today’s instalment of the I Believe Bible Study research, we’re talking about fasting and prayer as not only a suggestion from Jesus, but a necessity. 

To do this, we look to the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 9.

In this chapter, some of Jesus’ disciples are trying to cast a demon out of a man, but are unsuccessful. Of course, Jesus casts the demon out right away. When His disciples ask Him why they were unable to do what He did, Jesus’ reply is that the kind of spirit could only be rebuked through prayer and fasting.

This is a perfect example of an instance in which prayer and fasting are suggested together– and from the mouth of Jesus Himself. And, again, not only is this a suggestion, but Jesus’ wording is that the only way in this situation is through prayer and fasting. 

Think about this. What if, rather than trying to forge our own way in helping others, our first reaction was to turn to the God of the universe, sacrifice our pleasures/food/time to Him in prayer, and seek His will and healing? Do we believe He is a healer? That’s what it starts with. If we believe¬†that God’s Word is alive (1 Peter 1:23), that He is who He says He is, that He is perfect (1 Peter 2:22), then we should want this time with Him.

The way most of us currently live our lives has taught us to be comfortable with a different¬†truth–hence,¬†a¬†lie.¬†

That comfort is more desirable than sacrifice. That I deserve gifts and blessings. 

However, this song sums up true life, in Jesus Eternal:

Struggling to sacrifice something you know you spend too much time doing?

Remember these things:

  1. Your time in fasted prayer can lead to someone else’s healing.
  2. Time spent with/for Jesus is time given to ETERNAL glory– unlike any other way you could spend your time!
  3. If you desire “help with your unbelief” (Mark 9:23-25), Jesus promises to answer prayers (1 John 5:14).

Interested or feeling called to this challenge? Email me at, comment below, or connect with me in any other media platform to get involved either via the online study, or the in-person study in Waterloo!

5 Things I've Learned Since Being Engaged at 21

5 Things I've Learned Since Being Engaged at 21

My hands are no longer in beautiful shape 24/7, my ring is starting to feel as if it’s been on my finger forever, and “wedding talk” is becoming a necessary segment of every catch-up and conversation. And while all of this is so exciting, and […]

I Believe Bible Study: My Own Experiences

I Believe Bible Study: My Own Experiences

Happy Monday! If you’ve been tracking along, you know that I am releasing research and information about the Bible Study I will be launching both online and in person in Waterloo this March. For all the information about the study, head here. Today, I am […]

Forgetting to Be Expectant: How Breakfast At Work Changed Me

Forgetting to Be Expectant: How Breakfast At Work Changed Me

It’s something I’ve been piecing together for many months now about the state of my own mental and spiritual health (SO not a fixed state), and about the way I’ve been living.

And it was something so outside of me that I will attempt to put to words that revealed to me what it is that has been a struggle of late. It’s a struggle, I think, that much of our Western, social-media-absorbing, iPhone-adjusted generation deals with.

Last Saturday, the day after my fiancee Johnny headed back to the next province over for his final year of university, after a glorious month of time together, I didn’t necessarily go into work consciously expecting a wonderful day. After chatting on the phone with Johnny, though, and already feeling more uplifted just by his kind, familiar voice, my favourite voice, I headed out to work, and ran into my co-worker on the walk over. Will is one of those friends who doesn’t let a shift just be a shift. He starts conversation, he’s so curious about everything, and he has such strong passions. He humbly doesn’t let a shift just be about tasks, but communicates with his staff.

This is my natural personality, too, I’d like to think. It’s also the joy of Christian person, I think. But, recently, my brain has been so hyper-focused on an overwhelming amount of tasks on to-do lists that it has traded compassion for check-marks, and selflessness for just-getting-stuff-done.

That kind of exhausting mindset, though, has also led me to more moments spent scrolling on Instagram than I care to admit, and less productivity than could possibly satisfy such all-or-nothing thinking.

Will saw me that day. He saw ME, as a person, and met me where I was, caring about nothing but doing his job well, and interacting with me as his co-worker and friend. And when my mind wanted to wander to tasks, Jesus Himself stopped that mind in its tracks and prompted me to meet Will, and all my customers, with the same genuine care.

And so that morning, to start off the shift, Will exclaimed “I’m so excited for today because I’m makin us the best breakfast.”

And breakfast was HAD. Will’s kindness inspired so many of my customer interactions, as well as our conversations throughout the whole day, which were anything but surface level as we worked.

Eating the breakfast without asking questions like, “what oil did you use on these eggs,” or “how many potatoes is this?” Is still enough to make me smile. Read about the freedom I’ve experienced from disordered eating here.

And, after work, I had a healing, timely, and uplifting conversation with my parents that I don’t think I will ever forget.

Death to anxious thoughts that want to keep me from speaking for fear of saying the wrong thing. And I pray for Jesus’ mouth and words of which there is no anxiety and simply endless love.

And, may I be expectant that each day would be great because of what JESUS is going to do in fulfilling His promise, and being Himself in our broken world. Nothing of us, and all of Him.

For it is by grace¬†you have been saved,¬†through faith‚ÄĒand this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God‚ÄĒ¬†9not by works,¬†so that no one can boast. Ephesians¬†2:8-9¬†

Couple Q&A: From Long Distance to Comparison

Couple Q&A: From Long Distance to Comparison

Last week, as I had been getting some questions about my relationship with my fiancee, Johnny, I put out a question on Instagram to inspire a Q&A blog post about our relationship that I hope is helpful to someone out there. Maybe you’re in the […]

Do You Want to Be a "Global Citizen?" Reflecting on the Title of My Degree in Relation to My Bible Study

Do You Want to Be a "Global Citizen?" Reflecting on the Title of My Degree in Relation to My Bible Study

The Bible Study I’m launching in March, called the “I Believe” Bible Study, is in partial fulfillment of one half of my double degree, titled Christian Studies and Global Citizenship. I personally enrolled in the program for its Christian Studies component, with an interest in […]

I Believe Bible Study: All the Information You Need

I Believe Bible Study: All the Information You Need

Happy New Year!

One of the things I am most excited about for this coming year is the Bible Study I am developing as part of fulfillment of my undergrad degree in Christian Studies and Global Citizenship at Wilfrid Laurier University.

WHAT is this study?

The “I Believe” Bible study is an in-person discussion or blog discussion-based study that focuses with a group of people on Biblical Scripture and literature about fasting and prayer. The participants will pray about something that is a time-consuming part of their lives (amount of “time-consuming” will vary from person to person) to give up, and dedicate time usually spent in that activity to prayer.

WHY is the study a “thing”?

The Bible Study is called the “I Believe” Bible study, created with the strong belief that giving up, or abstaining from, something, ie. an activity or habit, that one would miss for a time in order to pray and spend more time with the Spirit of God results in reduced selfishness. I believe that we are often so consumed in our own agendas and habits and activities that we forget, or maybe haven’t even realized, the ever-presence of our God.

WHEN will the study take place?

The study will take place on Wednesday afternoons beginning Wednesday, March 6th, 2019, from 4:00-5:30pm, until Wednesday, April 17th. The study will also be available beginning and ending on the same dates via this blog, sign-up for which will begin mid-February.

WHERE will the study take place?

The Bible study will take place at Seven Shores Community Cafe in uptown Waterloo, ON, Canada. Alternatively, participants can take part via the blog from anywhere in the world.

WHO can participate?

The study is open to males and females of 16 years of age or older. Christian, or interested in Christianity and the topic. Participants must have a level of self-motivation and determination to participate in the activities, but do not need to self-affiliate as Christian in order to participate. As long as he/she is aware that the Study will consider the Bible as its guiding tool and as Truth. However, study will be made accessible for all.

HOW does one register to take part?

To secure your place in the in-person study, email me at, or with any questions! Registration for the online study will be available in February.

Our Proposal Story (+How We Met Three Years Ago)

Our Proposal Story (+How We Met Three Years Ago)

I had just told myself university would not be the time for a boy. But God knew differently. I noticed Johnny Fulford the moment I sat down in my Tuesday afternoon “Public Faith and Theology” class. He was smilely, shy-looking, and downright handsome. When the […]