Happy Weekend, my dear friends!

The following “poem” of sorts is a response to the responses I received from an Instagram question I posed on my Stories recently. I asked, “What are some assumptions that you have about Christianity? Don’t worry about offending.”

I felt compelled to clear up the TRUTH about these assumptions to provide some context and clarity. Note: while I believe these things, they are not simply “Cassie’s beliefs.” They are rooted in the Bible and in the Christian faith. In who JESUS is.

It’s also important to note that this poem only barely scratches the surface of who Jesus is and all that there is to say about Him. I pray that it will perhaps open your mind to who He is, how much He loves you, and who He calls you to be.

I hope you enjoy, and I pray that you’ll read with an open heart.

Christianity isn’t my “religion.” It’s my entire purpose.

Christianity isn’t judgement, condemnation, or “holier-than-thou” mentality. It’s unconditional love like nothing the world could EVER give, life-giving conviction, and “I’m-a-sinner-in-need-of-a-Saviour” recognition.

Christianity isn’t about Sunday church. It’s every second of this short life, and every inch of eternity afterwards.

Christianity isn’t rules, regulations, and rituals. It’s freedom through faith in a PERSON.

Christianity isn’t boring or constricting. It’s the only true joy, and belief in a Man who works miracles.

Christianity doesn’t exclude anybody. The King invites His own whole creation.

Christianity doesn’t dictate anyone as better or worse than anyone else. It dictates that we are all equal because of Jesus.

Christianity doesn’t ask for your striving to be the best. It calls for death to yourself, and coming alive in Christ.

Christianity isn’t a philosophy of this world for you to simply choose because it sounds good. It’s the belief in a Person, One God, through revelation and truth-seeking.

Christianity isn’t selfish or greedy. It calls for the utmost selflessness and generousity.

Christianity isn’t full of people who “made the cut.” It’s full of sinful, broken, and messed up people who ALL need the same grace that you and I do.

Christianity isn’t always easy. It promises trials, suffering, and persecution for the glory of God.

I just wanna talk about Jesus.

JESUS doesn’t leave ANYONE behind. He pursues you every second of every day.

Jesus doesn’t say “You’ve sinned too much for forgiveness.” EVER. He says “My mercies are new every morning.”

Jesus doesn’t call perfect or put-together people. He calls the broken, the beaten, and the lost to be FOUND.

Jesus doesn’t just exist in history books and the Bible. He is the Living God, One Creator of this UNIVERSE and He knows your name and calls you by it.

Jesus doesn’t discriminate; this very concept is laughable. Jesus created every living being that walks the earth.

Jesus isn’t surprised that the Church is being persecuted. It’s been that way since the beginning – and if you think that Christians are privileged for being Christian, then you don’t yet know about the amount of censoring of Christian material and thinking there is on the Internet and in the world today.

Jesus is, I believe, my entire purpose – I believe He is meant to be yours, too.

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