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Read Part 2, The Groomsmen

Read Part 3, The Letters

Read Part 4, The Bride

Read Part 5, The Bridesmaids

Read Part 6, The Details

Read Part 7, The Parents

Read Part 8, The Prayers

Read Part 9, The Vows

Read Part 10, The Speeches

And then – feel free to watch this incredible video by our amazing photographer.

It speaks for itself… and speaks to the only topic that could possibly end this series:

Jesus Christ.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. JOHN 1:1

Jesus, the King of the Universe; the only perfect being; the Creator of all of us. The Healer, The Redeemer, My Best Friend & First Love. Jesus created Johnny and I and knows every hair on our heads and every thought in our minds. He has pursued us all of our lives, regardless of our sin. He brought both of us to Himself. He brought us together. He sustained our relationship through long distance and hardship. He taught us how to love. He made the way, His Grace is what sustains us, and He is my ever and only and eternal purpose.

Marriage without Jesus… I don’t know what that is.

Marriage – two becoming one – to serve Him, better together, to glorify Him and to honour Him… that is purpose. It’s beautiful, it’s fun, it’s wild, it’s unexpected, it’s purposeful, it’s holy, it’s sustained by the Giver of Life Himself.

Our wedding day was one INCREDIBLE day of our lives… but our MARRIAGE – every day afterward – that’s the purpose of the day. To vow to live each day afterward serving Jesus together; loving others, and loving each other, as ourselves.


May I never grow complacent. May I, each and every day, become more like You, and may I lead Johnny toward You. May we, together, continue to only fall deeper in love each and every day. May we pursue You first, and never stop pursuing each other. May we understand the seriousness of our vows, and live them out by Your Spirit. May we love the way You love. Thank-you, Jesus.


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