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The Letters. An important part of who Johnny and I are, and of our story. That’s why they had to be both a theme and an integral part of our wedding day.

If you know that Johnny and I dated in long distance for over three years off and on while he was at university, you might guess that that’s when and why letter-writing began.

But… that’s not it.

To celebrate our first month of dating, Johnny took me out for dinner, and I gave him a letter, dated “February 10th, 2016.” I vowed, at the end of the letter, that I would write Johnny Fulford a letter every single 10th of the month until the day I died. I had heard from God about it, and had felt so called to the commitment, it hadn’t felt like an option. I wrote, “it doesn’t matter what happens… first and foremost, we will always be brother and sister in Christ.”

I knew that Johnny Fulford would get it. I knew he wouldn’t think it was crazy. Mostly, I just trusted God with what I felt called to do.

And, every tenth of every month since, I have written Johnny a letter.

And I will write him a letter every tenth of every month until the day I die.

The letter I wrote on January 10th, 2020, was the one he read the next morning… the morning of our wedding day.

And we wanted to portray this aspect of our relationship at our wedding reception, so we framed a few of the letters from “10ths” past.

It’s also why our seating chart was “letter paper” themed.

Now, Johnny wrote me letters, too.

In fact, he wrote me some of the longest letters I could have imagined throughout a time when we decided, through much prayer and discernment, to communicate ONLY via letters when we were both at different universities, in different provinces. A time in which my eating disorder was raging, and Johnny did the hard thing of submitting me to God, in prayer and faith.

He also wrote a letter to his future wife, before we knew each other, when he was 18 years old. He gave me that letter and poem, along with a personalized letter for the morning of the wedding, that morning.

Of course, these made me bawl.

Ultimately, I give these letters over to JESUS every single day, that His will would be done with them and in them. That they would draw us closer to His heart, and that they would speak Truth.

I’ve written over fifty of these “Letters on the Tenth.” And I can’t get enough of knowing I’ll get to keep writing them in every season of our lives.

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