This week, I am taking time to roll out 11 posts about our wedding, in order to document some of my favourite (who am I kidding – they’re all my favourite) photos by Liam Good Visuals.
Read Part One, The Husband.

Johnny wrote each groomsman a letter for the morning of the wedding!

Today, it’s all about the groomsmen – all seven of them. They’re all pretty wonderful.

More than half of them flew from other provinces to stand at Johnny’s side – Johnny met some of his best friends while he was at school in Otterburne, Manitoba.

Naturally, that means that I don’t know more than half of them all that well. But I do know plenty of stories, and plenty of kind words from my husband about each one.
I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with all of them, and to understand the impact they’ve had in Johnny’s life.

First, there’s Braeden, Johnny’s Best Man.

Braeden and Johnny were roommates for each of his three and a half years at Providence. Johnny has, multiple times, described Braeden to me as “the most humble and caring guy he knows.” From the few times I’ve met him, I can understand this! He is getting married to his beautiful and very kind fiancee this coming June, and we can’t wait to celebrate with them!

And then Jay.

I’ve gotten to know Jay more than the other Providence guys, because we had the opportunity to have him and his wonderful girlfriend, Jamie, stay with us for a weekend visit, where we went to both Toronto and Niagara Falls. Jay is incredibly caring, witty, and smart. His girlfriend is a dear friend of mine, too.

Next, of course, are Johnny’s brothers, Dave and Steve.

Johnny’s oldest brother, Dave, is someone he has looked up to for his entire life. Before I’d ever met Dave, it had been drilled into me that he was wise, godly, smart, and athletic – I sure knew how much Johnny admired his older brother! Now, he and his beautiful wife, Sarah, and their four amazing children live in our neighbouring city, and we love spending time with all of them.
Steve is Johnny’s brother and friend that I met and got to hang out with before Johnny and I were even dating, because they had the blessing of living together during university, and it’s always been such a privilege. Another brother who Johnny admires deeply, Stephen is wise and well-versed, standing up for Truth while being soft and incredibly compassionate toward others. He is funny and fun, and full of hobbies and passions that are inspiring to hear about. We feel so blessed by him and his beautiful wife Amanda.
Hunter is the “fourth amigo” of Johnny’s group of guys from Providence. When I went to the school to visit several years ago, not knowing a soul but Johnny, Hunter went out of his way to make me feel welcome and cared about. He put great effort into getting to know me, and showing me that he cared. Johnny adores him, and I am so grateful for their friendship.
Next is Pierce, another amazing friend from Providence. Pierce and Johnny started a sports podcast a few years ago called “The Bot Pod,” and I loved listening to it, knowing Johnny was putting his passion into something fun and engaging with an amazing, funny, caring friend, who showed those traits on the podcast, too. Although I haven’t gotten to know Pierce too well myself, I know from Johnny what a gift his friendship is.
And, last, but certainly not least, is Jared. Jared is one of my best friends’ husband – they got to walk together back down our aisle as bridesmaid and groomsman! As some of the most genuinely pastoral, caring, and devoted people in our lives, Jared and Beth are a couple we adore spending time with and growing with together. Jared and Johnny grew close through Beth and I, and I know Johnny can’t wait to spend more time with him now that he lives back in Ontario.

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