What better way to spend quarantine than by sharing the absolutely unreal photos from our wedding by Liam Good Visuals in a serious of story posts?

First of all, looking back on this day was doubly amazing because of the work of Liam. His incredible talent, passion, commitment, and professionalism makes our forever wedding memories the masterpiece that they are. We feel so blessed.

Part One of this series is called “The Husband.” It’s all about the man I married just over two months ago.

Forgive me while I take a moment to *heart eyes* !!!!! Suit from Moore’s.

My Johnny. You’ve all heard me gush about him on the blog. If you know me in real life, you’ve heard me gush about him in person.

All that gushing is because of the reality of the Holy Spirit of Jesus in him.

The first time I met my husband, I was walking into one of my first ever university lectures.

It was a class in the “Christian Studies and Global Citizenship” program, and, like most in the program, there were about 15 students in the class.

Johnny, the shy-looking but extremely handsome man, caught my eye instantly.

For the next few months, I found myself looking forward to the three-hour class on early Tuesday mornings. I found myself excited to hear Johnny’s heart about the topics discussed in class, which very, very much resembled my own. The class called “Faith and Politics,” the points Johnny raised pointed to Jesus, to His ultimate reign, and to His loving nature, and I would often nod along when he was speaking.

I couldn’t help but notice Johnny often nodding along when I spoke, too.

I didn’t know, those days, that this man would be my husband. That one day he would know me more intimately than anyone else in the world, and I him. That Johnny would squeeze my hand through a panic attack, would introduce me to spiritual councillors who helped me overcome my eating disorder, would fall asleep next to me every night. I didn’t know that we would endure and Skype and love each other through years of long distance as he would go pursue his soccer dream in Manitoba. I didn’t know that he was the man who would know how to make me laugh hysterically and feel so deeply and stop anything he was doing to be at my side. I didn’t know he was the man my dad would walk me down the aisle to.

But I did have a very strong feeling about that one after just our second date.

“I’m gonna marry him,” I told my beautiful older sister, Krystal, when she picked me up from the date. “I can’t explain it and I don’t care if it sounds stupid… I just know.”

Each of my talented sisters wrote a song for Johnny and I. I was a wreck… and the songs were so beautiful. Bridesmaid dresses from LuLu’s.

I didn’t know he was the man who had written a letter to his future wife in 2014, or the man who would give me the letter the morning of our wedding, along with a personal one for me.

My dress from Ballet’s Bridal by Christina Wu.

The man who would go out of his way to surprise me with the reddest roses. The man who made a scene in the middle of the grocery store, not letting me leave as I laughed and cried until I told him I believed that he loved me no matter what my size. The man who is the most gifted soccer player, smartest businessman, kindest friend, and wise beyond his years…. how did we get here?!?! We both find ourselves asking, blown away by the gift that marriage is, knowing it is all to bring more glory to our King Jesus. Knowing that HE is the reason we are married today.

Florals by From the Potting Shed.

Call me a hopeless romantic, or whatever you want to… but this has never failed to stun me. That a complete stranger just becomes the person we’re meant to do life with; to bring glory to God with; to fulfill His purposes with.

I gotta say: we’ve been dating for four and a half years, and I fall more in love with Johnny every day.

He’s a person. An imperfect human. But he makes me better because he points me to my God. He makes me smile at least a hundred times every day. His smile makes me joyful. When he’s sad, I feel it deeply.

Serving each other, those around us, and God, asking Him daily to give us His own selfless Spirit, this is my earthly husband. And I will continue to boast in who Jesus is in this man.

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