I am marrying the love of my life in 33 days, and I have never been more excited or joyful in my life. My soon-to-be husband came home from Winnipeg – for the last time ever – last week, and we have literally been bright eyed and beaming ever since. Excited, excited, excited about all the “little things” that most certainly feel BIG and wonderful, as they should, I think, we cannot wait to vow forever to each other, and to enter in to that covenant in our new home.

This past weekend also marked the last “pre-wedding” celebration – my bachelorette party. Depending on your context, you may define this “hurrah” very differently from the next person. Bachelorette parties are the invention of man, and I wanted mine to simply be an excuse to spend time with my closest girlfriends, and to celebrate these friendships in a fun and authentic way.

Daniella pretty much planned the whole weekend, so selflessly and joyfully. I would be at a loss without her in so many ways – wedding planning is just one example.

Pictured above are my two maids of honour. Both solid rocks in my life, both having made profound impacts on me as long as I’ve known them, and both women I admire and am constantly inspired by. To say I am blessed to know them is an understatement.

And my two beautiful sisters. Growing up as three girls for us meant being very, very close, and I don’t think that will ever change about our relationships. We are naturally so connected, and have so much love for each other. I am SO grateful for these two.

And the rest of these ladies. Bethany, Mary, Beth, Sammy, and Jacqueline are some of my dearest friends, and each are individually women I cannot imagine my life without.

When I start to reflect on the way my relationships with each one of these inspiring women have shaped, challenged, and changed me, I am overwhelmed in the best way. Thank-you, Lord, for these gifts. I pray that I can show the same kind of love and selflessness to each one of them that they showed me this weekend!

We played silly games, we ate delicious food, we went to my amazing church Sunday morning, and we brunched at our wedding venue!

And now, this past week with Johnny has been the best little snippet of life together at last. It has shown me just how true it is that we are better together, that Jesus is uniting us, and, honestly… I just absolutely adore being with him and am so smitten in love with him. There is no other human who knows me so deeply and fully, and this is the beauty of marriage, I am learning – the person who knows my deepest faults and failures and sins most tangibly sees me and loves me. This is a minuscule picture of the love of Jesus.

The bachelorette with my ladies, celebrating my soon vowing to forever with Johnny, is something I will never forget, and with friendships I know I will never forsake.

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