Happy Hump Day my friends!

I get questions from time to time about the advice I most often consult in terms of my hypothalamic amenorrhea. While I am not healed from it yet, I am doing better than I have been in years and years. I truly believe that full healing is coming.

Here is the advice that has helped me the most:

Kate Noel

Beauty Beyond Bones. Read THIS.

No Period Now What?

Since this has been one of the most asked about and read topics on my blog, I know that more of my readers are struggling with this than I may even know. The more actively I seek answers and remission, the more I feel called to share the journey, in hopes someone else will come to see the answers fruitfully.

I am praying for fellow women battling this, and trusting that this journey is producing a deep faith, ultimately making us better stewards of God’s faithfulness.

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