Mark 9:29

“Jesus said to him, “This kind [of spirit] can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting.”

In today’s instalment of the I Believe Bible Study research, we’re talking about fasting and prayer as not only a suggestion from Jesus, but a necessity. 

To do this, we look to the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 9.

In this chapter, some of Jesus’ disciples are trying to cast a demon out of a man, but are unsuccessful. Of course, Jesus casts the demon out right away. When His disciples ask Him why they were unable to do what He did, Jesus’ reply is that the kind of spirit could only be rebuked through prayer and fasting.

This is a perfect example of an instance in which prayer and fasting are suggested together– and from the mouth of Jesus Himself. And, again, not only is this a suggestion, but Jesus’ wording is that the only way in this situation is through prayer and fasting. 

Think about this. What if, rather than trying to forge our own way in helping others, our first reaction was to turn to the God of the universe, sacrifice our pleasures/food/time to Him in prayer, and seek His will and healing? Do we believe He is a healer? That’s what it starts with. If we believe that God’s Word is alive (1 Peter 1:23), that He is who He says He is, that He is perfect (1 Peter 2:22), then we should want this time with Him.

The way most of us currently live our lives has taught us to be comfortable with a different truth–hence, a lie. 

That comfort is more desirable than sacrifice. That I deserve gifts and blessings. 

However, this song sums up true life, in Jesus Eternal:

Struggling to sacrifice something you know you spend too much time doing?

Remember these things:

  1. Your time in fasted prayer can lead to someone else’s healing.
  2. Time spent with/for Jesus is time given to ETERNAL glory– unlike any other way you could spend your time!
  3. If you desire “help with your unbelief” (Mark 9:23-25), Jesus promises to answer prayers (1 John 5:14).

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