Our battle is not against flesh and blood. Ephesians 6:12

What does it mean to make note of the spiritual battle, but not allow to harm you?
As a Christian believer, I have learned the importance of recognizing that what we can see in a physical sense is not the real battle. Especially when we turn to Jesus, we become more aware of His enemy, and the grip the devil has on the world. The devil works sneakily to draw our attention away from Christ– and while he’s able to draw that attention away, he has already been defeated forever by Jesus. Christians believe that is the end of the story, and that Jesus has already overcome. Committing to following Him doesn’t mean easy (He actually tells us that we will face trials in this life) but it does mean eternity, joy, and purpose.
The devil’s only real threat is Jesus, who makes him tremble immediately. But where he can take ground in a person, he will try to. He will try to convince us of lies. His attacks are both sneaky and obvious. But one thing is for sure.
An encounter with Jesus, and the devil’s attempts are immediately reduced to nothing.
These are all certainly heavy concepts, but so important to be aware of. In the midst of a very spiritual battle, the Christian’s greatest weapon is prayer. Constant relationship with Jesus; asking for His eyes and mind. Little by little, Jesus works to draw you closer to Him, embolden your faith in Him, and turn lies into Truths. His plans are steadfast and good, period. What a Truth! But it is our job to be faithful in prayer and obedience, racing toward Him, the prize.
How to recognize the devil, even at his sneakiest?
Be constantly rooted in the Word. Read the Bible lots? Keep reading it. Speak it over yourself and others. Ask God to reveal new things to you through it.
Pray unceasingly. Aim that your life is in constant communication with Jesus.
Keep yourself accountable. Talk about your convictions with people you trust. Pray with people. Put the devil to shame aloud.
Jesus tells us we need not fear in the midst of this battle, because we have Him. So why not stay so close to Him? Lean on His Spirit. He will take the reigns.

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