1. What we think is the “end of the world” probably isn’t. God is all powerful is the only One who calls the “end of the world.” Other than that, He’s got your back and He’s got your plan.
2. Coping mechanisms are sneaky. Self-awareness is key. Sometimes I fall into patterns when stress is high without realizing it, and so to be aware of stressors in my life keeps old bad habits at bay.
3. Life is better with less “stuff.” Nuff said; stuff is fluff, and it doesn’t make you happy.
4. “By grace I have been saved through faith, and this is not of myself, but a gift from God.”
5. Hobbies are so important. Tap is one of the things I look forward to every week.

6. People > Places. I personally think it’s so much more important to invest in relationships than experiences.

7. Self disciplines grow your patience. Learning new languages, reading challenging books, setting new intentions– these things have all made me a more patient person.
8. When you know you’re in love… you know. It’s true. There’s no question. If you’re questioning, you’re not in love.

9. Money isn’t everything. It’s not. I can arbitrarily alott money throughout my life, stress about an extra $5 here and there, etc… or I can recognize how blessed I am, trust that I am a skilled saver, and focus on generosity.
10. It’s okay to not be okay, and okay to ask for help. We’re not meant to do it alone.
11. Change is the only constant. It’s a God-designed part of life, and so I’m learning to embrace it.
12. Prayer is the most important thing I’ll do every day. As much as it has in the past felt like a “thing” on the to-do list, I know that is such a lie, and that prayer is actually what will keep me going, serving God, and be everlasting.
13. Reading makes you smarter. In so many ways! In language use, reflection, knowledge, etc.
14. Quality over quantity. Doing “everything” is not an achievement.
15. It’s okay to rest. Actually necessary. I am finally actually putting rest and fun as priorities in my life.
16. Genuine Generosity is so important. Giving can’t be a to do list item. It should be an everyday thing, and a state of the heart.
17. Purpose in Christ means forever purpose, not just worldly purpose. Identity in Him and giving my life to Him is the most important thing I ever did regarding my own life; responding to His calling.
18. Peanut butter belongs on basically every food. Except citrus fruits.

19. There literally is no time but the present. I am learning that I so often think about what is to come and what needs to be done rather than being in the moment, and I am cultivating awareness of this.
20. I’m never going to be “perfect” at any skill, and I wasn’t meant to be. Perfection isn’t the goal.

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