The amount of times the phrase “he did evil in the sight of the Lord” appears in some way in the Old Testament is shocking.
As I’ve been studying 1 and 2 Chronicles, this phrase has struck me the most. Moreover, the amount of leaders, those who were supposed to lead people into relationship with God and right, loving, peaceful living, who failed to do so, and instead lead people to worship false gods and create idols that took God’s place, is shocking. There was a pattern of kings being called to lead God’s people, and turning from God and to other things instead.
This sounds like…
I notice this pattern in my own life and walk. Knowing always that Jesus is all I need, that to sit with Jesus is the best life, the only life, the desire of and song on my heart, and the very air that I breathe. And then… “forgetting.” Choosing to numb myself with useless planning, temporary pleasures or comforts, or believing that a substance of some sort can heal or love or save.
It’s not about me. It’s about Him.
And when it’s about Him, He directs my heart to others. To true serving, to glorifying His name in my life and the way that I go about each day. Relationship with Him means allowing His Spirit to dwell within me, rather than going my own way and trusting human wisdom over His wisdom.
I don’t want to be another leader called by God who turns away from Him. I want to be facing Him and adoring Him; obsessed with no one but Him and experiencing the joy and freedom of His presence and Spirit and Truth. Giving Him my faith and undivided obedience every day. Oh Lord, how I love you and long to be your True servant, and live alongside you and Your Truth at all times. Keep me in your perfect grace and smiling with the joy of You, because I know it is my strength. Amen. 

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