What does it mean to be livin the dream? What does that look like?
I think the worldly classification of the real dream is in riches. Having a huge house and no “reason” to work because you have money coming out of your ears.
Let’s say that’s actually the life goal.
Personally, I picture this:

So, worldly success can’t be the secret to happiness or the meaning of life.
It’s not in a near-future hope. It’s in a present, past, and forever help.
I prayed for a heart and mind and soul set on Him this morning as I got ready for work.
This week, I get to work every day with of the sweetest and most relatable people I’ve ever met, Brooke, at Pure’s second location. Working together, Brooke and I care so much about the success of Pure, the kitchen we work at, and this makes every day, even work conversations, so much fun. She makes me a better employee, and her work ethic is inspirational and always on point!
She also makes the prettiest food.

Brooke and I are able to relate in so many ways, while also challenging each other to be our best. I only want to be a light in her life, as she has been in mine.
The shift was great and smooth, and we’re so excited to only grow at this new location, and as I pray about it, I know God is guiding it and I pray to walk in His ways.
After my shift, I settled in for editing and homework over coffee and lunch, grateful for a productive afternoon. I am often struck by the fact that I get to work in three part time jobs in the three fields I’ve called my “dream jobs.” I am passionate about my youth ministry job, writing work, and serving at Pure. But I can only imagine that if these were the end goal, I might feel… empty.
But I believe that God’s Kingdom is the only end goal, and looking to Him and His perfect love means I’m actually able to serve and love on others in a way that is meaningful. What a blessed life you offer, Lord– thank-you for your unending blessings.
Tonight, as I catch up with a Bible study group and spend some quiet time with Jesus, I know that He is in control, and I pray for only more knowledge of His glory in my life and workplaces.
Jesus, I pray for more of you in workplaces, and less of the lie that money or fame or material things are the meaning or goal of life. Guide my heart by Your Spirit alone, Lord. Amen.

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