Dear High School Student,

So, you don’t know what’s next because all you can see is now.
All you can see is the boy who doesn’t seem to see you at all. The girl whose body is a bit more toned than yours. The essay that you got a 60 on. The early mornings that cause anxiety.
You only seem able to look at the university application forms, wondering if any will accept you. Wondering if you’re applying to the right programs. Wondering if you want university in the first place.
The people you go to school with every day feel like the only people in the whole world. And, whether you care to admit it or not, you care about their opinions of you.
You’re trying to juggle questions, family life, social life, mental health, schoolwork, hobbies, a job, and sleep, but sometimes you feel like everything is spiraling out of control.
I’ve been there.
Sometimes, I’m still there.
But if there was something I could tell my high school self that she didn’t fully grasp at the time, it would be this:
Peers will fade. Tests will fade. Trends will fade, and parties will be distant memories. What will remain is God with you. He is with you now, He will be with you in university, and He will be with you until the day you die and beyond. He is your healer, your comforter, and your purpose. He is the beginning and the end.
Does this mean tests, people, school doesn’t matter?
Just the opposite.
It means there is a God who is not imagined or a thought but very real, whose presence is incomprehensible near you at all times, and who gave His life for you. Who loves all the people you’re surrounded by every day just as much. Who loves unconditionally, and who has a plan.
He cares about all these things you’re feeling more than you could know. And drawing on His perfect presence will help you more than you dreamed possible. The one who created you is the one who has set you free from anxiety, fear, and sadness.
And He is calling your name if you just listen.
So, dear high school student, I’m not telling you high school doesn’t matter. I’m telling you this life right now has more value and worth than we can even imagine.

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