I have discovered one of my dream jobs in freelance writing, and Wednesdays have thus become my favourite day.

Because on Wednesdays, I coffee and I write!
This morning I woke up leisurely at 8:30, enjoyed prayer time and then breakfast in bed with the MasterChef Canada finale (I am SO THRILLED with the winner!). Then I spent a few hours cleaning, doing laundry, and homework before heading out to my favourite “office”– my old workplace, Starbucks.
I wrote for three hours, in the zone, which flew by before heading to the gym for a really good workout. Groceries came next, and then back home for dinner before heading for a much appreciated outlet mall date with my lovely friend Ashlie. We had a fun little road trip and I got some things that have been on my summer list for a while.

And all of this got me thinking…
In the midst of every day, what actually matters is the little things. It’s the conversations that without Jesus I’m too lazy to have. It’s the extra love shown that without Jesus I don’t think I need to show. It’s the going out of my way and thinking of others before myself. It is these things that matter.
All the little things can go. The hustle and bustle of human consumption that has existed for years while people are born into this world and die from it. What matters? What started the world and will finish it? How temporary am I? Jesus reminded me whose I am when I sat and listened.
Jesus, use me. Fix my heart on You.
All of these errands got

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