Use your own words.
Let it flow from you and just talk to the God who created you, who knows your innermost desires, who knows all the ugly and selfish parts of you and still loves you. More than anyone else.
But pray something like this:
Lord, I don’t have it all together. Jesus, I get confused. I worry. I doubt. I struggle. But I know that You are good. I know that you made the heavens and the earth, and that you have a plan that is ultimately for Your good, and therefore for mine. I know that You are perfect, righteous, and just. And I know that Your love has never failed, and will never fail. Jesus, I submit my whole being to You, and to Your plan, believing and trusting that it is better than anything I could conjure out of myself. Jesus, I trust You with ___. I give it up to You, and release it from my own control. I ask You to take the wheel as it lay it down at the altar for You to make right. Convict me, search me, know me, and make me new in You. I love you, and I want my life to be only in service to You. I repent and ask Your forgiveness of ____. I pray, by Your Spirit, Lord, that You would show me the better way.

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