Today was my writing catch-up day. One of the least exhausting days I’ve had in awhile. I’ve been able to set up my schedule so that, while I work at Pure Cafe Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri, I work from home (or, in today’s case, Starbucks) on Wednesday. I slept in until 9am, got straight to writing, took one break to watch Masterchef and have brunch, and then wrote for the rest of the day.
And let me tell ya kids– when I’m just writing, or editing… basically when I’m in words– time just flies. Like, I am in my happiest of happy places, and feel sooo called to just write and write and write. It pours out of me, and I’ve finally embraced it as one of my gifts.
On Monday, I chatted with Josee about gifts, and how, sometimes, we think our gifts are unmerited when they come naturally to us or seem to flow too freely. Rather, I’m learning to embrace that writing is a gift that I am not only passionate about, but feel called to embrace.

So writing, reading, learning all day, I was so in my element and returned there when I came home, blasted music, and made dinner for Johnny and I to have quickly before youth tonight.
I have so learned that the most important thing about youth nights is connecting and being present with these kids. Sometimes I’m tired and my mind wanders, or I feel misplaced, but I know what comes with being in high school, and I’m learning to embrace being able to support and teach and love students where they’re at.
And being with Johnny, even in our often tiring and busy season as of now, is such a blessing, as he is my best friend, such a comfort and confidant, and someone I get to just be totally real with… he is working sooo hard and I am so proud of him, and to call him my boyfriend.

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