In many circumstances, I often feel the need to facade professionalism, or to “put it on.”
At work as a barista and server; in meetings marketing my freelance writing services; even with my kids at youth, sometimes I believe a lie that professionalism is a trait that I need to pull out of thin air and put on as my armour.
A little voice says, as long as you look professional and act put-together, that’s all that matters.
What is this thought based on? Where does it come from? Is it true?
Today at work, I was thinking about the person I am at the beautiful cafe I work at as I made a latte between customers. In the midst of our lunch rush, from about 11:30-1, my interactions with customers are often reduced to “I can help the next person… what can we get for you?” Going through the motions rather than approaching the soul.
And my allegiance, above a business and above a facade, is to Jesus, who loves these customers as His children, and who calls me to be real. To put on the armour of Christ, not a made-up armour that won’t actually shield or protect, because perfect professionalism doesn’t exist.

What is Jesus’ professionalism? It’s stopping to listen to my roomies. Stepping out of my own bubble. Living allowing Jesus’ promises to speak over my life. Living open to the fact that I’m loved. Living knowing that I’m no more or less loved than the person I’m serving coffee, or writing for, or sitting next to on the bus.

What precedents professionalism? What is more important than perfect? 
It’s holding myself to the standard I’m called to, and therefore holding others to it, too. Of grace, and not perfection. Because perfection doesn’t exist in any person besides that of Jesus, and it’s only when I lean on His very present Spirit that I can live out of His compassion, patience, and love. I often ignore Him. I often walk my own way. But I want to follow Him, and, contrary to what my brain and the world try to tell me, I know that my strength is so, so, so weak, where His is astronomically great.
Hearing about this Jesus for the first time?
Well, He is for you. He is for everybody. He loves you infinitely more than any human being loves you. He formed you in His image, and He simply invites you to talk to Him to receive His love and word. Relationship with Him moves on from there. Recognizing His voice and movement in your life is just the start of that.
Is He speaking to you today? Wanting to change up the routine way you’re living? Wanting to help you to see individual souls throughout your day rather than just more consumers and customers? Wanting to fill you with joy, hope, and purpose?
I am not perfect, and false professionalism will look false. But Jesus’ professionalism is for my good, and I’m learning how glorious it is.

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