It’s been so heavy on my heart of late– the importance of giving my 100% to everything I am called to do. Whether that be my job as a barista, my studies, my relationships… where Jesus set the example of being so present with everyone He was with, I know that He calls me to be the same.
Where vegging and indulgence can try to seep in and become the thing to serve, the false god, I know that my God is Truth, and that to serve Him means to care about others, listen to others, and be truly and unconditionally there for the people in my life.
And so today, when multiple times I was at a crossroads of serving myself and my flesh or serving Jesus and His Kingdom, my flesh and own desires won out sometimes, I realized, and would win out every time I didn’t pray, give these things to God, and ask Him, even quickly, what HE would have me do in the situation.

You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one. Galatians 5:13

For example, I really wanna take a nap, but this friend has something important to talk about.
I really wanna cross ____ off my to-do list, but I know I need to pray about this. 
I really want to get this letter written and out of the way, but I know it deserves time and prayer and thoughtfulness. 
Overall, I’ve been learning the value of quality over quantity in sooo many ways. Jesus has been breathing this Truth over so many aspects of my life. Here are some Truths I’ve learned, both big and small:

  • a task really well done and allotted time for and cared about is more helpful than a million tasks done at 50% effort
  • a really good, life-changing conversation in which God was glorified because His Spirit was actually consulted and therefore a life was changed for His glory is better than a bunch of little conversations where the Spirit is not consulted because of burnout or laziness
  • I am not immune to sin, and I need to ask others’ forgiveness when I’m in the wrong and convicted of it

I am on a journey of seeking God and being continually reminded of His Mastery and of how much I need Him.
Lord, be my One and Only. Remind me of the fact that my life is purposeful when I give the wheel to You, because You already have it. I surrender my heart, my desires, and my days to You. Amen.

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