I am learning about how much editing gives me life. How passionate I am about editing grammar and writing, and how little it feels like work.
Since beginning to curate and edit content for the wonderful people at LeadManaging, I have also become interested in the housing and rental market. Be sure to check out this company if you are interested in renting a space to see just how they help to streamline and smooth out the rental process from beginning to end.
Today, thus, I was blessed to sleep in and start work a little later. Beginning the day with breakfast, coffee, and Master Chef in my PJs, plus much needed convos and prayer with some of my beautiful roomies, I took in how blessed I am… to have my amazing, hard-working Johnny near, trying to intentionally take in my gratefulness a little extra and praise God. Give it to God. Maybe ask Him about where I’ve been neglecting Him.
I am learning, as I prepare for a message series that we’re in at the church with our youth, that¬†asking for forgiveness, of both Jesus and my loved ones, is something I seriously need to work on, with God’s help.¬†
Here, a wonderful teaching sent to me by my pastor about the practice of reconciliation.
All throughout the day, I was reminded in a variety of ways of just how important it is to serve. To truly value others, recognize their lives and their value, and that other people are living wildly different lives that we cannot judge. To trust God and love others through Him.
One of those people is my beautiful friend from work, Aneta, who is leaving to work at DISNEY WORLD for the whole summer. A few of us went for sushi tonight to celebrate her. She is such a light in my life and I will miss her dearly, but am so excited for the opportunity this is for her, and the plans the Lord has to use her there. And our lovely friend Ashlie so selflessly planned the dinner.
Youth tonight was yet again another incredible reminder of God’s call to selflessness. With so many people in my life, I’ve had a tendency in the past to believe it is my job to help or “fix” a person; that I am defined by how helpful I am. But I know now that this is a lie– that only Jesus can truly heal. And what an amazing thing to know! He isn’t asking me to fix people, but He IS calling me to humble myself to obeying Him, which in turn looks like living for others; “laying down my life for others.”
Johnny came to youth to help for the first time, too, and it was so special to share this part of my life with him.
Tired and headed to bed, I am full of a grateful and praisenish heart granted by my Saviour, reminded of just how very much I NEED Him.

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