This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. 
Psalm 118:24
Lord, I will rejoice and be glad in YOUR day, no matter what it brings.
Today I woke up extra early to spend some time with Jesus and reading the Bible before getting ready for a training shift at my new job!
I have always wanted to work at a local, privately owned coffee shop– and particularly this one. I have admired its versatile menus, coffee offerings, and atmosphere for several years, amazed by the work it must have taken its owner to put together. And, now knowing her, I already feel blessed by this passionate, glowing woman who cares for this store and all her customers, is passionate about “healthy” food and brownies alike, and loves serving downtown Kitchener local food and coffee.
The first shift went well, and I am so grateful for my Starbucks experience that helped me to learn quickly and efficiently, allowing me to focus on customers without feeling frazzled. I cannot say enough good things about Starbucks, and the amazing job that it is.
After this exciting shift, I ventured to a different Starbucks to meet Pastor Nat to go over some important things regarding Youth and Young Adults. I am the youth ministry intern at a church in Waterloo called Creekside, and Nat has been the pastor I’ve been shadowing the past year. I also cannot say enough good things about Nat. And today, what was supposed to be a “work meeting” turned into an incredible conversation about Jesus, pastoring, and some theological sort of stuff. Nat has become a bit of a mentor for me, and I so admire his humble, compassionate spirit after Jesus.
After this meeting, I did a bit of shopping…
I mean, I was right next to the mall…
Many of my friends will tell you I’m the best “saver” they know, and recently I’ve been thinking a lot about just how blessed I am… and how much I sort of “hoard” money. By no means am I saying saving is bad thing– or that I should be spending more on myself. But that I have a lot to give; of myself and gifting that Jesus wants to use, yes, but also tangibly in money. And I save strategically in order to give back, because all money is God’s money and for His purposes. But that doesn’t mean I can’t buy myself a pair of pants every once in a while!
And so I excitedly expanded my wardrobe just a little bit today for the first time in a while with some new capris and shorts.
One of the highlights of my day was a lovely phone call with my mom, where I told her about my new job. My mom is so lovely, so congratulatory and expressing her pride in me so emphatically. I love her so much, and just hearing her voice made me so joyful.
Colouring much of my day was EXCITEMENT in that my JOHNNY is home in like three days for the whole summer. So much is changing– getting used to two new jobs and no classes, plus my wonderful boyfriend here– but it’s all so good and excited, and I’m rejoicing in all that GOD is doing and grasping for Him moment by moment. Your will be done in this job, in my relationships, in my every second, my Jesus. 
The hardest change by far will be Maddie and Autumn moving out of our house. While Beth, Mary, and I are staying together for the summer in our little apartment, Maddie and Autumn are working from their homes. We will still see them loads, but our house is truly a beautiful little family of the most rare kind. I will NEVER forget this amazing year with four girls who I look up to in different ways, and love with all my heart. But the Lord is doing new things, and they will always be some of my best friends.
Tonight has been full of cleaning, a great trip to the gym, catching up on writing work for LeadManaging, the company I’m curating blog content for, amazing conversations and laughs with my roomies, and trying to savour every moment and give it to Jesus. He is so good, and I pray that my days only flow more in His Spirit.
Jesus, I know you’re all I want when I turn to ______ instead. I know YOU’RE all I need when I think I want something else. I know You’re the answer, the source, the Beginning and the End. May my days glorify You, my life be an outpouring of Your Spirit, and Your Spirit fall afresh in every new thing You’ve called me to this summer. 
See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.
Isaiah 43:19

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