More excited than ever about the little ways God has been speaking calling over me.
How to speak for Him, where to speak for Him, when to speak for Him.
When to pray quietly instead.
How to write, when to write, and when to speak.
I could make a bucket list of places I want to go, things I want to “accomplish,” things I want to see. And I’ve often thought about writing one.
Except it is so much better to submit to God instead. To listen for His ever speaking voice about calling, and to trust that He’s gonna lead and prompt me as my desires align more and more with His plans for my life.
Over time spent with Him and in prayer, I believe that He has called me to ministry, to speak His Word, and to write His Word. I believe He’s called me to people through His Spirit.
I believe He’s called me to cling to Him alone as I navigate whatever part of the world or vocation He calls me to. To know that change is constant, that schedules are not absolute, and that He is sovereign.
What does that vocation look like now?

  • freelance writing
  • blogging
  • youth ministry at Creekside
  • Literature and theological studies
  • Starbucks ministry
  • role as girlfriend, sister, daughter…
  • Role as FRIEND to everyone in between…
  • First and foremost and ahead of it all, role as child of God

I don’t have a bucket list, because I know God’s already gone before me. But I’m just as excited and expectant about the future, living ever still in the present.

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