As I was trying to decide if I wanted to blog today, I became aware of a song on my heart about the man whole stole it over two years ago, and wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about some of the things that make this man so amazing.
He is so selfless. From the first time I met this man, I saw this selfless characteristic in him that recognized me as a whole different human with a whole life. He saw me in all my humanity, met me where I was at, but also encouraged me so deeply in the fact that my current position wasn’t my full potential. God had so much in store, and Johnny KNOWS that, and is neverendingly grateful to His God for that.
He is a beacon of encouragement. Johnny consistently encourages me, tells me if I’m being unrealistic in a loving way, expresses his pride in me, and shares his love for me. He reminds me constantly of his love, and makes me feel truly proud of and excited about accomplishments in my life.
He is the most talented man I’ve ever met– watch out! Johnny is so gifted in sports and his physical fitness, in public speaking, in math, in business, in relating to people. He is musically gifted and gifted with a heart for God that wants to serve.
He is sooo blessed with good looks.
^like OH MY!
He is so funny. When we’re goofy together, it’s my favourite time in the world. He makes me laugh and gets me.
He is the best listener I know. I am writing this after an hour-long Skype call in which Johnny, smilingly, attentively listened to me and made what I was saying his only focus. He cares deeply for all people.
He loves Jesus more than anything or anyone. He lives for his Heavenly Father, and knows that while he’s not perfect, Jesus is. He expects Jesus to be good in and through him as he submits to Him, and the love I see pouring out of him is the Holy Spirit.
I love you babe. No matter where in the world, or what we’re doing, I love you. Thank-you for all the big and little ways you love me!

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