Every day, I feel like the Lord is debunking the university routine that has wanted me to live in my own bubble, my own routine, and for, truly, my own benefit, and to live for Him instead, and serving others.
This morning, I woke up excited to meet my beautiful friend Sarah for coffee as a belated celebration of her birthday. We got together and were able to catch up finally, after a long while. Spending time in her presence is always such a blessing. She is such a humble, kind listener, and loves so genuinely!
Classes were good as usual. Something I’ve been really learning is how beneficial it is to be invested in class, whether listening is important “for marks” or not. I’m relearning passion for LEARNING, and that manifests to listening to group presentations, honouring historians and lecturers, and being present with my colleagues in lectures.
In my second class, Canadian Women Writers, I gave a presentation on my ideological perspective coming into one of the novels we read for class. It was so eye-opening to hear other students who, in their current situations, entered the same book with completely different stories, perspectives, and experiences that shaped their expectations and takeaway.
After class, my beautiful roommates, some of my friends from Youth and the girls in my small group, and I attended a girls’ worship night at the church across the street from my student house. It was another great reminder of just how much the Lord needs and wants to use me in others’ lives, and how important such community is. He created us to glorify His name and love the way He does, and He loves sacrificially and as if each one is the only one.
Being loved in such a way by such beautiful friends is another reminder of the way I’m called to love. To be invested in others’ lives more than my “own” junk, and to know all throughout that God is in control, and hand the wheel to Him in conversation every day. He provides the grace, and His Spirit does the work. He’s amazing and faithful. I am just a temple.
Lord, use me. Guide me. Be in me. 

Verse page

” data-hasqtip=”20″>Ezekiel 36:27
“I will put My Spirit within you and cause you to walk in My statutes, and you will be careful to observe My ordinances.”

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