I saw a blog post challenge to post just ten pictures with one short caption each that describe your typical day in the life. So here is my best attempt!

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Daily get to do life with the most beautiful roommates.

[wpvideo 3FqoM4gY]

Most days, I blog…

And every day, I spend some time in the Word. And every day I drink a coffee ;).

Whenever I feel like it, I hit the gym…

And on weekends, I’m makin’ bank at Starbucks (and memories– check out yesterday’s post!)

I aim to spend every moment in fluid conversation with my Father, Best Friend, and Saviour Jesus Christ.

And, right now, a large part of my day goes to PAPERS on 1 Corinthians and British literary classics.

Every Tuesday I have tap class, but you’ll find me tapping my toes outside the studio, too.

I’m very blessed by my job at Creekside church, serving God as the Youth and Young Adults ministry intern.

And I’m always missing my love Johnny, calling and Skyping him when we both can, proud of him and what God has called him to every day!


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