From the barista who told me not to worry about paying for my bagel because my smile made her day;
to the research assignment I got great feedback from in class;
to the way my roommates and I have been bonding on whole new levels;
to the fantastic message delivered through a guest speaker at youth group;
to the moments Jesus Himself alone just brought a smile to my face;
to the 12am candy run and essay-cramming party with my roomies;
to the compliment I got in my renewed energy levels and “healthier looking legs;”
to the late-night conversation I got to have with my beautiful friend from church Semara and her brother about the way their friend loves;
to the kindness of a woman I spoke to on the phone about an order I’d placed;
to the good news that Johnny’s feeling better from a sickness;
to my time in the Word this morning where my attention was brought to things in Exodus that I’ve never noticed before…

I might have dwelled today on the things that seemed big or harrowing or frustratingРbut every day is new in the Lord, and every day is one that He has made. Lord, may I rejoice in the good and the seemingly bad, may I look to You in all things and love selflessly in all things, learning from Your example and Your Spirit. Amen.


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