Today has been a day of fresh. 
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I woke up nice and early this morning to have plenty of time before my hair appointment to get organized for the first day of winter classes. I spent some time responding to emails, prepping for some upcoming events at the church, and laying out the next week in my passion planner, a fun Christmas gift from one of the most thoughtful human beings in my life, Josee. I had a delicious breakfast of a bowl full of all my cravings (chocolate oatmeal with whole goat milk, peanut butter, berries, banana, hemp seeds, and some more nibbling) before I was out the door and on my way to Bamboo Hair Salon, excited to see my beautiful not-only-hair-dresser, but blessed friend, Morgan. 
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When I first met Morgan, I knew I would not only find my forever hairdresser in her, but also, and more importantly, such a beautiful friend. Morgan is so selfless, professional, down-to-earth, and funny. I love getting to chat with her while she works her magic, and we always have such truly meaningful conversations. I leave not only loving my hair, but refreshed by such a sweet soul.
From the appointment I headed home, as my first class of the day was cancelled! This gave me some time to organize my school books, clean the house a bit, and have a good lunch. I was out the door again soon, though, for my first class of 2018– an English class about women writers. The content looks great, and I’m excited to get reading!
I decided to go to the gym after class, where I was surprised by how much of my strength I’ve seemed to keep up. I love strength and stretch training so much, and I’m working toward putting on mass while getting stronger.
I met my younger sister, Courtney, for coffee in the early evening, and we ended up talking for nearly four hours. Courtney is one of the most fun, creative, amiable people I have ever known. She has such a heart for making people happy, and such a hunger for joy. She caught me up on all that’s going on in her life, and also in her mind and heart, and I caught her up in the same way. Seeing my sisters less often, as I don’t live with them anymore, has its merits in that, when we get together, we talk about what truly matters, and it has been such a gift to see Courtney grow into such a beautiful girl. I have such excitement in how God will use her.
Finally home this evening back to– a unit with no water.
Our residence has not had working water in any of our taps, toilets, or showers for over a week, and it has certainly been patience testing. I have continued to give this to Jesus, saying, “Lord, I know you must laugh at the fact that we need patience for this ‘issue.’ Teach us through it. Make us more humble like You through it. Use it for Your glory.”
It’s certainly given us a lot of laughs (we have a “communal pee” every night), a lot of cool conversations over dishes washed with boiled bottled water, and a lot of grace.
He is always doing a new thing, a fresh thing, and I don’t want to be a part of any trivial part of fresh– only Jesus’ fresh.

See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. ISAIAH 43:19

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