Hi Friends!
Ever felt stuck in a routine rut?
I definitely have.

And recently, the Lord has helped me discover just how deceiving routine can be.
It can play itself as a haven, when really it is preventing the Holy Spirit of LIFE.
This morning I woke and spent my time in the Word, and God revealed Himself to me through Deuteronomy Chapter 6, where Moses is given the Ten Commandments. These commandments could easily be seen as “civil duty,” but could never be accomplished as intended without Jesus Himself.
Lord Jesus, may I be ever aware of and allowing only YOUR SPIRIT to work in me.
I made breakfast and drank coffee whilst working on assignments all morning, Maddie and I keeping each other company. Off to my last class of the semester, where I had a presentation, and then– with a sigh of relief– stretched it out at the gym.
I came back home and did some housework before making a big dinner to fuel my shift at Starbucks, where I got to work with Aaron, my lovely roommate Mary’s boyfriend, and some other amazing co-workers. My Starbucks store definitely feels like a little home, and I am so blessed by that work environment. But again, my it never be routine, and may the Lord ever use me as He sees fit for His Kingdom!
After work, my lovely friend Bethany picked me up for a sleepover at her place before we together have a big day tomorrow of working on final assignments.
Johnny is home in a week,
Christmas and break time with family and friends is coming,
And while all this is exciting, Your Kingdom is now, Lord. I am forever only expectant of YOU in every moment.

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