Bananas are by far the most consumed fruit in North America.
Most of these bananas are grown on large plantation sites, where the workers often live there and are grossly underpaid, primarily in Ecuador, Guatemala, and Costa Rica.
Under extremely unhealthy working conditions, with no benefits, and making only 1-3% of the profits of these bananas, employees in these plantation sites are not remotely met by fair standards according to basic human rights.
Children as young as 8 are forced into these conditions, working 12 hour days with dangerous machinery, in unfair and hazardous conditions, and with inadequate food and drink. Surrounded by harmful pesticides and chemicals, workers have reported consistently nausea, dizziness, fever, and aching bones, to name a few symptoms.

Fair Trade Brands
Many local grocery stores are now selling fair trade bananas. Look for these brands:

  • Equal Exchange
  • Earth University
  • Grow Bananas

And if they are not currently sold at your local grocery stores, put in a word with the managers! Many grocery stores are diligent at taking customers’ word into account.
Continue to be aware of what you’re consuming; and thereby supporting in the process.

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