I am in bed feeling blessed after a really wonderful day.
That started with a planned breakfast date with three of my closest friends from high school, Sammy, her sister Kayla, and Chelsea.
What was supposed to be breakfast ended in all of us ordering lunch– although Chels also got an amazing looking waffle! I had the best chicken souvlaki plate ever. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve been out to a restaurant, and I didn’t realize how boring and repetitive my meals have been, simply due o my busy schedule! So the food hit the spot– but, more importantly, the conversation and time with the girls did.
Sammy and Chelsea are two people so dear to me, and seeing their growth and maturity while all of us stay the most jokes group– like we get together and literally just laugh our butts off the entire time– is so cool. Both girls are in wonderful long term relationships with established jobs and doing well in school. I’m so proud of them and feel blessed that we’ve been able to be a part of so much of each other’s lives!

Searching old high school photos– this was almost four years ago?!?!
After lunch, I headed straight to class– back to back really engaging English lectures. In both classes, I was moved to pray,
Thank-you, Lord, for clarity and alertness and FOCUS!
As I am sometimes reminded of s time when I never spoke in class because my brain was too foggy to pay attention. I will boast in how Christ alone brought me through the consumption of a mental illness as long as I live!

I went to the gym after class, and texted Johnny a lot while I stretched and listened to music. Man, missing him is getting difficult. Sometimes it is so frustrating. But always we know it is good– that the Lord makes it good.
I headed home, knowing I had maybe five hours of essay writing ahead of me. I settled pretty quickly into rhythm, blessedly caught up in conversation a few times with my roommates, all in all at peace with the deadline of midnight for this one essay. Also the Holy Spirit revealing to me His purpose for the message I’m to be speaking at young adults night at Creekside this Sunday– how amazing!
I finished the essay in good time, with only a break to make dinner and then edit it in between, and had time to *try* to Skype Johnny. He’s in South Carolina right now, along with his whole soccer team, as they’ve made it to the national championship, and I couldn’t be more proud of him or excited for him! He has worked so hard for this win, and I am just praying he enjoys every moment.

With his wifi down, we frustratingly tried to message each other instead. I am truly so excited to look into his eyes soon. Aching for my best friend.
Ending the night with This Is Us (such a good episode!) and prayer and the Word, I am off to sleep energized and grateful for a remarkable day.
Thank-you, Lord, for I know it’s only what YOU instigate that is good and worthwhile. May it be Your Spirit alive in me always.

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