I am praising my Saviour through and through as I write and end this day right now in Him, resting in His goodness, marvelling at His glory.
My day blessedly began with a wake-up call from Him: “Rest in Me. Not in your situation, your triumphs, or your “best moments,” but in My Heart.”
I spent some time the Word– mostly Psalms– before getting to go meet Daniella for catch up and shopping. Daniella has been one of my best friends, literally like an angel of a third sister, to me for almost half my life now, and I simply cannot picture life without her. Everyone should have a Daniella; this woman models and embodies selflessness, humility, and compassion every day.

Endless joy with this one

I headed to class after this, where I had two really awesome English lectures that I thank Jesus for my engagement in! My mind wanted to wander to worries and future tasks, but when I talked to the Lord, He said “Be here. Rest in me.”
And in the people, His people, surrounding me in the classrooms.
After classes, I headed home and worshipped, cooked, and prepped a little bit more for the message I would be speaking that evening to the high school youth group at Creekside. Thus far, I’ve only been working with the junior high students, and so I would be meeting many new people tonight. Overwhelmed by the Lord’s love and the work He did to keep me focused on Him as the Only Reward. 
I was surprised by my overwhelm in all the new faces. One of the most unexpected things about this internship for me has been just how overwhelming– wonderfully so– it has been to meet SO MANY brothers and sisters in Christ with such hunger for Truth, Him in dwelling. Many new blessed friends tonight that welcomed me, prayed for me that Jesus would take over, and talked to me warmly.
Worshipping with the high school kids was wonderful, and when we sang “O Come to the Altar,” I felt physically and spiritually taken aback as Jesus called me to lay down my worries and fears of imperfection and put it all in His hands. He allowed me to speak the Word with calm and have fun doing it. My dear roommate Maddie came to listen, and, as I know Jesus in her, looking out to her face was such an encouragement. More than that, reminded of her prayers, Jesus Himself revealed His own face to me as He aided my words. I have heard clearly from the Holy Spirit that He plans to continue to speak on His word through me– in what context, I don’t know, but He does.
The message was called “Why Pray?” and I talked about the fact that

Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays.
We were created for DEPENDENCE on this powerful God.
He is Father and Friend, and He’s endured every temptation that you and I have, but without sin. 
His will becomes ours, and our hearts look more like His, and our prayers become less self-centred as we grow in Him.

At the end of the teaching, a few Grade 10 girls asked Maddie and I if we would join their small group. What a blessing to be able to talk with these girls about their prayer lives, and pray with them.
I praise God for everything He taught through me, and has already taught me about speaking His Word. I will continue to look to Him in this and every regard, by His grace and might!

My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. PSALM 121:2


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