Lately, music has really been speaking to my heart in a new way.
Firstly, my roommate Maddie and I have been listening to Lecrae and Tori Kelley’s new song, “I’ll Find You,” on repeat.

Another favourite has been Taureen Wells’ “Hills and Valleys.” 

A clear, talented, pleasing voice I’ve been returning to is Katelyn Tarver:

A song that I think yields a lot of Truth amidst pain is Kesha’s “Praying”:

One of my all-time favourite country singer’s adorable new songs, “Long Way Home”:

And a song I am often worshipping Jesus with:
There is something beautiful about this art of music that has stood the test of time, that has been a form of output and worship forever. And I am appreciating it only more as I get older and more enraptured by my God, His plans, and His Creation.

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