Today has been surprisingly restful.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” MATTHEW 11:28

I woke up this morning and responded to some birthday messages, thankful and blessed and amazed by the love I’ve been shown by these special people in my life.
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After responding to some work emails, tidying my room, and spending some time in the Word and in prayer, I made a delicious breakfast, and sat out in the living room with my lovely roomie Mary doing some homework.
I got to see all my roomies today more than usual, actually, which has been so wonderful. I never want to take this beautiful household for granted.
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Three hours of English lectures left me tired but happy. I came home just briefly before heading to meet my family to celebrate my dad’s birthday. His date of birth is just one after mine, and my younger sister’s birthday is next week, which I kind of love in that we get to see each other so much and just catch up. My parents are incredibly loving, nurturing, and beautiful people. Time together means so much to them, and to me, too.
We spent much of dinner conversation talking about memories from years and years ago! After burgers and gift opening (my dad always asks simply for THICK SOCKS, but I also got him a novel and a gift card to Canadian Tire, cuz how can you go wrong?), I did a little grocery shopping before coming home to my cozy house, taking in my beautiful sisters and lifting up blessings in my heart to Jesus once again for our special community of girls.
Now chilling at our kitchen table, texting Johnny (missing him more than ever but also loving him more than ever), I am happy to be settled in, blogging, about to do a little studying and Skyping Johnny later tonight. It is rare that I have these slow moments, and I am taking it in worshipfully.

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