Call to me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know. JEREMIAH 33:3

This verse, God’s sovereign voice, God has been repeating to me the past several weeks.
Call to me.
Convicted in too much rush, in striving, or in selfishness. I have heard the Holy Spirit loud and clear: “Call to me.”
And I know that that is the hardest part of the equation, because it requires a movement on my part. God’s part is not “hard.” He is Hod. But when the Spirit prompts within me and other spirits or worldly things battle for my attention and calling simultaneously, I have chosen those things. I have called to those things. I have trusted those things above my Lord.
And yet I know that He will always keep His promises, be perfect, be exactly who He says He is for His sake.
Call to me, and I will answer you.
Maybe not in the way the world would have me expect. Maybe not in words. Maybe not in an instant, and maybe not in a “happy and all is fine and good” sort of manner. But He will answer me, and it is exactly that perfect answer that the devil wants us to fear. So the devil tries to keep us from calling Him.
I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you have not known.
Am I afraid to learn these things? Am I afraid to be challenged by His Truth and Word and Love because I actually think the world or I have conjured up something better? No. I know that’s not true.
So Lord, as Your Spirit has been whispering over me, may I call on You alone, and often. And I pray this over my family, Lord. And my friends, Lord. I still your Spirit in us that breathes Truth into our need for You.
And it’s True, of course, to my personal experience. When I call on Him, He answers.
And sometimes the result is something I thought I feared.
But always the result is something He requires, He knows inside and out, He loves.

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