My first ever cookbook came out yesterday, in ebook and print format.
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If you haven’t already ordered your copy, be sure to do so! I am so excited to challenge y’all to share photos of your creations with me :).
As a sneak preview, here are some of the recipes you’ll find in the book.
Double Chocolate Chunk Muffins (yes, for breakfast).
Oatmeal Three Ways. Because oatmeal is my favourite food, but I would NEVER eat plain porridge.
Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches. Learn how to make the bagels from scratch with a simple and concise how-to.
Protein-Packed Pancakes. Still fluffy and amazing, with unique topping ideas, but total respect for the classic butter and syrup.
Classic Eggs and Bacon Breakfast. With simple how-tos to make BETTER eggs, and how to pair with seasonings.
Thin and Thick Smoothies. And some that literally taste like ice cream, but for breakfast.
Egg and Hash Skillet. Colourful, inviting, and filling.

  • $8.99 ebook
  • $16.87 full colour print book (shipping not included)
  • 20+ recipes and anecdotes
  • better breakfast, guaranteed

Can’t wait to see your cookery!
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