I woke this morning excited for a bagel-making date with my lovely, unique, beautiful roommate Autumn.

We each kneaded for nearly ten minutes while we talked and WOKE UP over coffee.
The recipe for these bagels, including breakfast sandwich toppings, will be in my cookbook, out in just 10 DAYS!

I’m calling these “Johnny Bagels,” because BELTs are my boyfriend Johnny’s favourite!
I ended up having cancelled class today, at the last minute deciding not to go to my first lecture either in order to get some homework done. It ended up being a wonderful choice, as I got to see Mary, another roommate who I feel I rarely see, and make her a breakfast sandwich out of one of the bagels, and get a lot of necessary homework and church prep done.
On top of this, praying and consistently being drawn back to conversation with the Holy Spirit, convicted that nothing mattered if I couldn’t be in the present moment with my Saviour.
I’ve been really praying against any tendency to live fixated on the future, knowing that it is a trick of the devil to keep us too focused on planning, wishing for the future, or unfocused. I can only be empathetic and share Jesus’ light if I’m present with those I’m with, and in every moment.

Ecclesiastes 5:18-20, MSG After looking at the way things are on this earth, here’s what I’ve decided is the best way to live: Take care of yourself, have a good time, and make the most of whatever job you have for as long as God gives you life.

After some more cookbook prep, I went off to meet my beautiful best friend Daniella and a friend we haven’t seen for a while, Insia, at a pizza place called Famoso that I’ve always wanted to try that now carries dairy free cheese! I had a whole pizza with all the dairy free mozzarella and pepperoni and it tasted like childhood😍. Catching up with the girls was so lovely and the Holy Spirit was loudly whispering Be here with these two precious ones, this is good, simply listen to them.
Both have so much going on, and Daniella had a 12 hour shift yesterday working as a nurse, and she is now doing things like giving injections and removing catheders and a million other things I could never imagine doing. She is simply Wonder Woman.
And, as I write this, Daniella, “Banana Pancakes” is playing in Starbucks. I miss you whenever you’re not here, best friend.
Who else do I miss?
My amazing and handsome boyfriend Johnny, who is his school’s athlete of the week— no surprise. I can’t wait to be with you love, but am simply so proud of the way you follow Jesus.

After pizza, I headed straight to work, where I found serving customers and making drinks and just being in my homey cafe was such a stress reliever and opportunity to look to the Lord and remain in Him, knowing that I’d be encountering so many customers and various lives! An awesome shift where I got to have our dairy free peanut butter chocolate cups and free draaanks, talk with smiley people and amazing co-workers, and praise God for this little work family!
Tired and ready for bed, I’m working on an essay just before I leave work and sleep.
Praising God and thanking Him for time spent at His feet– whether literally, or out in the world and daily life.

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