“It is an unfortunate thing when the people of God allow the world to crowd them into an uncomfortable position.”
I was thinking today about how easily we, the people of God, accept our surroundings. That physical surroundings and circumstantial factors are often simply stumbling blocks in our walk with the Lord.
Based much on my environment in the Western world, for example, I put much too much energy, for a long time, into planning and stressing over everything I put into my body– the Lord’s body.
It is only since I’ve submitted to the Truth that my body is just that– God’s body, His creation– that I submitted myself to every Truth that accompanies that. He is not fulfilled if I’m eating the healthiest and “ideal” amounts and “healthiest” foods if that is my focus and where my heart is.
He IS fulfilled if this is not my focus, I am grateful for whatever food I am given/able to eat, if food is just fuel, and if HE is my God.
The existence of HUMANISM is in this world is perhaps the saddest thing this earth have ever known. The notion that is, only since the 17th Century, created by man that says that happiness, from experiences, is the only fulfillment in this life. “Do whatever makes you happy!” They say. And what a dangerous statement this is.
Life is not about our selfish happiness. And Christians, those following Jesus, can so easily conceive of “doing good” in order simply because they think it results in salvation. Not solely for the purpose of exalting and glorying in the Lord, in worshipping to the point of souls bursting. Life is about diminishing oneself to the point of obedience, “even unto death.” To love as Jesus loved with every breath.
Today, all my beautiful housemates are moved in and the girls and I spent the evening cleaning the house and catching up. What a blessing to be with them.
I know that I can accomplish things for the sake of the world, oh-so-temporary human happiness, and humanism, but I pray with every part of my soul that no aspect of my life is spent on this, but rather that I make true the purpose of my body as a living sacrifice for Jesus Christ.

“Let’s be done with the false Christianity that makes God a MEANS rather than THE KING, IT.

And the Lord spoke to me:

I want to love each one of them through you, so much. Love each one of them to laughter, to knowing they are cared for and unjudged, but not to tolerating acceptance of happiness or complacency. Joy in true repentance is not for your reward, my Cassie, but for mine. For my glory, because you are my servant.

Is it when I know that I am nothing more than a servant, nothing more than a woman meant to exalt the name of Jesus, love Him, and embrace death with Christ that I am joyful. GOD. CREATED. EVERYTHING. And Lord, oh I pray that my reason in this house is nothing but for your glory and that the fullness of You might dwell in my soul.
–Inspired by sermon by Paris Reidfield, “Ten Shekels and a Shirt”

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