In a new, but altogether familiar, room. I am back living in the apartment I lived in all of last year, and I am so happy to wake up here. It feels like home. I remember what Jesus did the day I surrendered my “food rules” to Him, crumpled on the floor in this room. I reflect on my beautiful summer, busy working but also on many adventures with Johnny, my family, and friends. Time flies, and God is outside of it.
I ease into a slow morning, studying the book of Ephesians and enriched by the Spirit Himself in prayer, cleaning and organizing the house, making and eating food, working for a few important hours on my cookbook.
Speaking of which…
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Next week, the contest TO WIN A FREE COPY is coming, with details. All you will need to do is repost the share photo with the hashtag #cassiescookerygiveaway, and comment two friends who you think would love the breakfast cookbook as well! With nearly 30 recipes that are UNIQUE, SIMPLE, and DELICIOUS, you’ll be craving these breakfast recipes more often than just the a.m.
Due to some technical difficulties, the launch of the book is OCT. 1st! I am so so excited for y’all to see it!
Today led me into a heap of errands in the afternoon, one of which being taking my cell phone to Apple to get it looked at. It recently wiped all of my contacts, photos, and ability to text. I had an incredible experience and conversation with the technician over the multiple hours I waited to as he diligently put time and effort into solving the issue with my phone. Throughout the entire experience and day, I prayed that the Lord would carefully grant me His vision. He granted nothing but patience, and the outlook that even if I no longer had my phone, so what? And convicted me, gently, in some of my means of using my phone.
I wondered whether if Jesus were walking in his flesh body in this generation, would He own a phone for the soul purpose of connecting with/loving on others? Of course, He does not call me to use it when in the company of others, or to distract myself, or for self-gratification. What convictions. And spurs of funny story-sharing with the awesome Apple technician, who sadly told me, “You have a positive attitude. You’d be surprised what little things customers become so impatient at. It’s kinda scary how much people think they NEED these things.” Technician Dude, thanks for being awesome.
My other errands were fun and quick, especially after I stopped by Teavana, a partner store of Starbucks, and got a soy caramel almond brittle latte, and I was quite grateful, actually, for the time to myself and just talking to Jesus.
The evening brought exceptional company and creativity in some of my dearest friends– one of whom, Ryan, had had the idea to create a Slip N Slide with tarp and whole lot of dish soap down a massive hill in our city. I met my gang of friends there and again felt so grateful to be surrounded by loving people interested in doing CREATIVE things! Shoutout to Ryan– you are awesome, friend.
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We spent the night after just hanging out, making and eating pancakes with coconut whipped cream and soaking in one of the last nights of the summer. In more ways than one throughout the day, the Holy Spirit convicted me in His gentle way to remind me the need He has of me to put others before myself always, and to consider their needs above my own.

Lord, I pray that You would continue to grant me Your Spirit of understanding and wisdom that sacrificed everything for ME. That I may joy in what You joy in, Lord, which is ultimately laying down Your life for others. Teach me to lay down my heart for others without judgement, doubt, or hesitation, by Your Spirit, Lord. I submit myself to You and exalt only Your Name. Amen. 

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