I love preparing food for loved ones and enjoying it with them. It is another blessing that God has granted us, the enjoyment and sharing of food, but it would idolatrous for me to be constantly preparing food and not enjoying it myself. I rarely have the spare time to cook at the moment, but when I do, there are a lot of things I’m excited to make!
From-Scratch Chicken Tenders and Plum Sauce. One of my boyfriend’s favourite dinners, and mine, as well, I want to make drool-worthy strips from scratch that he looks more forward to than anything from a box.
Goat Cheese Dip. Something fun and yummy, and cow-milk-free, that goes with breads and chips! And, speaking of chips…
Homemade Potato Chips. I would love to learn how to make ketchup chips as good as Lays!
Caramel Apple Spice & Pumpkin Spice Drinks and Baked Goods. For the fall! My favourite culinary season for produce and flavours.
Mastering Chocolate Buttercream Filled Cakes. I make tasty buttercream, but the aesthetic is something I want to work on.
Fluffy and Soft Belgian Waffles. I made this favourite of Johnny’s for the first time this past weekend, and he apparently likes them unconventional; soft, rather than crispy. I want to learn how to make them perfectly fluffy; and, I think I agree that I prefer them this way after trying a dairy-free version for myself!
Pretty and Flavourful Avocado Toasts. This staple of mine is too boring when it’s simply mashed avo on toast. I want to find the perfect flavour profile!
Fluffy, Buttery White Bread. My mom buys only bakery-fresh white bread, and it so beats the stuff in the store. I want to master yeast-made white bread myself!
Chocolate Chip Cookies. I have a few secrets of my own for the perfect chocolate chip cookies… but they can always be better ;).
Christmas Sugar Cookies. Come Christmas, I will actually have called-for time for all of this… and hopefully time for Christmas cookie baking and sharing! 🙂

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