As a Starbucks barista, I suppose I am slightly biased toward Starbucks beverages being higher quality than other coffee chains’ beverages. I wouldn’t want to work for a company whose quality and vision I didn’t admire and agree with! That being said, I have always wanted to work for an entrepreneured cafe, before perhaps opening my own one day– but, as far as chains go, Starbucks tastes the best for a reason.
My first date with my boyfriend Johnny was at a Starbucks a year and a half ago. I remember when he ordered hot chocolate asking him if he was a “coffee guy,” and he proceeded to tell me that he had never had a coffee in his life. Johnny stuck usually to Timmies white hot chocolates.
One Sunday morning months ago. we ventured into a Starbucks and I ordered him a white hot chocolate and a bagel, and while he really enjoyed it, he couldn’t be certain that it surpassed the taste of Tim Hortons. It became a bit of a joke that he teased me with, as I passionately wanted him to prefer Starbucks, to understand the better quality the way I did.
Last night, after an amazing day together, Johnny called me on his way home and told me that he’s picked up a Timmies white hot chocolate and that, while it was good, Starbucks’ was homier, and he could now see with more proof that he preferred it overall.
Veracity: conformity to facts; accuracy.
How important is veracity when it comes to faith? Are faith and veracity almost in opposition, or do they work harmoniously?
The urge for facts to back up what is true to our purpose in life is fair. Since the earliest literature, writers and theorists have been after “truth” vivaciously as a common topic. And why would anyone want to live this short life in pursuit of anything but the truth?
Why would anyone choose to drink a Timmies white hot chocolate when they’ve tasted so much better? 
As far as the hot beverage went, I could coax and convince Johnny all I wanted, but he was pretty neutral about the topic– until he tasted for himself the better drink, and knew that the other wasn’t as good.

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. –PSALM 34:8

Veracity is certainly powerful, when it comes in the form of provision from the Holy Spirit’s guidance to the truth. God speaks truth to us through his Word, and we experience His Word in our lives. And when we open ourselves to His healing power in faith, we taste and see that we are blessed for taking refuge in Him by His grace, and we can’t help but see all he is working in our lives. And, unfathomably bigger and better than the difference between two white hot chocolates, the Lord makes it impossible to turn back to any other semblance of “truth.” 

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me. JOHN 14:6

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