Today I woke up in the student house I moved out of. 
It is crazy how homesick I am for my student house! It is just a building, but Waterloo truly feels like home, and I love keeping our little house over there. Beth has moved in to it, and it was lovely to spend time with her last night, sleeping over, waking up in my empty room with a mattress and sleeping bag. I woke and spent some time in the Word and in prayer, answering texts and writing down some choreography before heading out to the kitchen and brewing coffee and making breakfast with some of the ingredients I accidentally left behind… oops ;). I chilled before heading out into a gorgeous, sunny day to my friend Cassie’s house.
Cass is my high school French teacher’s daughter. We met at a church just this year, and Cass had messaged me to hang out after hearing some of the testimony of how God has redeemed my life for His glory. I prayed that Jesus would move in the relationship, that He would be the one working.
Man, Cass and I have been struck and influenced by similar lies– anything outside of God’s Truth and therefore laws that try to keep us from Him. They are dead and away from me as I am new in Christ, and that is why I am confident in His ability in me to spend time with people who have similar struggles without any downward effect whatsoever, but rather the revelation of His majesty.
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And oh, how God has used this knowledge to heal me for His glory. Cass and I cooked lunch and caught up, and I stayed long enough to see her mom come home from teaching French and catch up with her, too. Always in awe of the little moments, the roundabout ways the Lord knits people together for His glory.
Cass and I ran some errands together before I headed into work a bit early, planning to get some choreography work done and started on my summer English course, but I ran into Nicole, soon followed by Sammy, two of my dear friends who, of course, I sat down with and gave my full attention over some food to fuel me up for my shift. It was so good to have that time with both the girls, and amped me for a shift of serving.
I baristaed a close shift involving tons of Frappuccinos, some really wonderful and meaningful chats with customers and co-workers, and my mom and sister coming to visit on my break. I am home now, tucking in to write and thanking the Lord for this day and for His glorious provision before heading to bed, quite exhausted.
Jesus, thank-you for this, Your day. I know that You are shaping me for Your glory, working in me for Your purposes, and I pray that You would increase and I would decrease as I pursue Your Kingdom. Amen. 

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