I am entering a new season, and while change has never been something I struggle with, I am still noting the ways many of these changes are being used by God for His glory.
Moving back home. I am living back with my parents and sisters for the summer for possibly the last time ever. I am so excited to have more time with my fam, as I am so blessed with a great one and an incredible home life. At the same time, I feel homesick for my independent life, house with some of my best friends, and Waterloo! Tonight I’m actually staying at the student house for a sleepover with beautiful Beth, who’s moved in as I moved out for the summer.

Moved the mattress into my empty room!😜

Johnny is Home. Any words to explain the joy in my heart and spirit in being with Johnny are not enough. The love of my life, everything is more fun and just right when we are together. We turn to the Spirit together, and He has blessed our time apart for His purposes alone. I pray that our relationship only gives others cause to praise Jesus. I am so proud of Johnny and his will to do all that he does for the Lord and not for men. That is Jesus in him, just striving for His Father, and as a result, Johnny succeeds with flying colours. He has working as a branch manager for a lawn care company this summer and I could not be more proud of him.

More Work… I’m working this summer six days a week at Starbucks and or as a dance teacher,

And Less School… with just one online course in 16th Century British Literature. I’m already really missing having lots of classes, but excited for the opportunity to save money and pursue Jesus in these work places.
No Weighty Distraction. Since having the sinful weight of food as such a distraction lifted, I am in awe of how Jesus is guiding my heart toward other potential distractions or things of any kind that might detract my attention or servitude from Him. It is certainly a period in which He is refining my understanding of the selflessness that is His Spirit.
Adult Sinking In. First year of university, I still felt like a kid. I felt like a mock adult. That does not ring true at all any more, as my heart sees responsibilities, the importance of hospitality in owning a home, more refined budgeting, etc. 
Ministry. God continues to place a call to ministry on my heart, and I don’t know what it will look like. Lord, refine my heart that I might walk in “the plans you hath made beforehand” alone.
Time to Read. Besides Johnny being home and spending time with friends, this is probably the thing I’m most excited about for the summer– and I’ve got so many books on my list!
The Blog. I’ve got some ideas in terms of transforming this baby. I’m praying about it and that all that I do here would be Christ led and therefore glorifying to His name. 

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