I have written about this before on this blog, as I intend to be very real, but I want to comment on my understanding of the fact that, for a long time, I blogged “eating disorder recovery” advice when I myself was not free, but rather IN bondage and sick, and now that I can say with certainty that I am free, I have zero rules regarding food, and I know who I am in Jesus Christ and that food rules are not a part of that, I again iterate an apology for the lacklustre and disordered “What I Ate Wednesdays,” the “Recovery Advice” that I was in no position to give, and recognize that, while my experiences were valid, the advice I chose to tie them with was often inspired by my demons rather than my Lord. This makes me sick.
My life is not consumed by food anymore.
It is, however, full of the discovery of new foods that I love. My friends have joked that I’m like a baby, discovering what I do and don’t like to eat. Here are some new foods that I have learned that I, apart from any voice or influence, love, and have been eating frequently.
Bagels. I eat the bagels at Starbucks often in the middle of my shifts and 😍 bagels rock!!

Chocolate. Chocolate flavoured things are the best. Our mocha sauce at work is dairy free and I often put some in my lattes or smoothies or dip bananas in it. Yuuum.
Peanut Butter. Yup, it’s still my favourite food. Now, I just eat more of it, and, oh yeah, I don’t stick it in a tablespoon and level it off with a knife before I eat it. The natural, just peanuts kind is my fav, but I wouldn’t say no to the fake stuff.
Beef. I’ve been making spaghetti, and actually using the organic beef in my freezer finally! 
Sauces. There was a time that I avoided sauces like the plague, but I now OF course use tomato sauce in my pasta, peanut butter sauce in pad Thai, dressings, and any sauces!
Dairy-Free Ice Cream, Cheese, and Yogurt. Some of my favourite snacks, I’ve discovered! I’ve been sprinkling dairy free cheese on savoury food, and coconut yogurt is a great snack!

Cereal and Granola and Bars. One of my favourite foods, and to sprinkle and crumble on breakfasts.
Veggies. I adore and often crave tons and tons of veggies: carrots, celery, cucumber, broccoli, sweet potato are staples.

Dairy Free Milk in Coffee. I used to usually skip it in coffee and tea, but of course I LIKE it in my coffee, so I PUT it my coffee… like no-brainer…

Tell Me!

  • What is a food you pretty much don’t go a day without? Mine’s peanut butter!

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