Pray without ceasing.
Without ceasing.
“Thankfulness is what your Heavenly Father calls you to.” 1 THESSALONIANS 5:18
Clearly, there is gifting and knowledge and His Spirit in the mindset of thankfulness– 
Or, more accurately,
Thankfulness is a fruit of His Spirit.
This morning, I woke up to a cancelled hair appointment. Rescheduled for Saturday. Skype call with Kevin.
Always so much wisdom in our conversations as we invite the Spirit. He is a brother in Christ that I am grateful to support in such an adventure time is his life with the Lord. 
Reading, time in the Word, singing and worshipping, Lord have Your way. No other way.
I am sufficiently unable to leave the Word, but I do after tummy grumblings and cravings for a sweet breakfast. I cook up something yummy and eat thankfully and prayerfully. Most prominently, though, simply
NETFLIX. It is reading week after all.
Prayers. What a restful morning. Some housework; laundry; dishes.
I have a coffee date with Johnny’s sister-in-law-to-be. We have a lot to catch up on. She is precious to me, her heart so big and her love for God supplied by Him, of Him, and fruitful. We coffee and chat and browse a Christian book store.
The weather is like summer and I can smell barbecues, and it smells like 9-year-old Cassie. 9-year-old Cassie barbecue smell is very different than 14, 15, 16-year-old Cassie smelling the same thing.
Amanda and I part ways and I COFFEE. I sit, and I rest in my God.
I’m not in a hurrrry, when it comes to your preeeesence.
How could “I” be? For Your presence created me. 

I rest in You, Jesus. My smile is BY YOU, Jesus.

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