Ever want to limit to the perfect Spirit of Christ. 
The thing is, I can’t. Like what a prideful idea! Nothing of the flesh. can or will separate from the love of Christ, because His perfection and omni presence is always a part of His Truth. He does not fit in any boxes.
Still, it is certainly possible to get caught up in worldly rules that Satan imposes and makes look “useful,” but that, in fact, “lack any value” and “are destined to perish” (COLOSSIANS 2:20-23).
Here are some ways that Satan’s “tied-up pretty” rules used to prevent my stepping into TRUE LIFE IN CHRIST (always our purpose, Satan never actually preventing).
Presence. With others. While “rules” and human agendas can seem useful, they are selfish in that they take us away from being truly present with others in conversation and in just being with people.
Prayer. Sometimes the rules constructed in my mind would irrationally say, oh no, it’s time to do *this*, you don’t have time to pray for ___. This mindset both disgusts and shocks me now. One must always be ready to pray for others, knowing that the Spirit intercedes.
Spontaneity. My mind was convoluted with “needing” to know plans in advance in order to plan things to the detail. That mind had been convinced that such “plans” were keys for safety and control. This also disgusts me. I was under the control and pseudo-safety of the devil. Christ works, Christ is the only one in control of my life. Bam that is done, thank-you Jesus! The number of memories made in the past month that are true and good trumps anything over-analyzed and planned in the devil’s temporary fashion… and the Spirit has given me such ANGUISH for those old ways.
Selflessness. The schemes of the devil had certain times appointed for certain things in my life, which is a very “me-centered” way of living and limits my focus on serving Christ, which often involves His opening the doors to helping others’ souls through His Spirit, and if I am “unable” to spend time with others because I’m numb to His conviction and under a “pseudo-law…” wow. This isn’t life.
Writing. Writing is a gift and passion I believe He has given me for His purposes, and I used to write all the time and spontaneously and as I felt inspired. Since understanding and anguishing over the strict and laughable lifestyle Satan wanted me in, I naturally write again, all the time.
Cooking. Can’t even explain how much fun cooking is again. Finally. Just dashes of things, Tasting as I go till I get the right tastes, discovering my palate and hungry tummy.
Dancing. I dance joyfully, for real– in class, as a teacher, and just around the house. It just flows out of me– *He just flows out of me.
Future. What I thought was the image of a good future is now very vivid gifts of images of a truly Spirit-serving future… but the future is not my focus. He is making my focus presence and love for Him.
Resting. He calls us to different seasons, and just over a month ago He spoke a very clear Word into my life that I needed to rest. Because I lacked the understanding His Spirit in the rest area of life, this was not easy for me– but obedience to conviction is ALWAYS amazingly fruitful. How could we ever be silly enough to think otherwise? 
Constant Awareness of Him. He makes me aware of sin as I pray. He fills me with anguish; joy; the words; laughs; visions; love. I just want to be with Him. 

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