Preparation vs. Law. In this season God has been teaching me what this looks like in such loving ways. In the midst of healing, I have experienced Him preparing my heart. Luke Chapter 12 tells us to “know our master’s will and prepare for it,” but this doesn’t look like us making mental agreements, taking things into our own hands or rapidly planning for our own purposes. That is all satan’s version of preparation; Jesus’ is simply of His Spirit.
New Friends… Recently Jesus has been speaking to me through so many new faces, and being glorified in beautiful conversations and adventures. My friend Cassie, who happens to be my high school French teacher’s daughter, has come into my life recently from a church I’ve attended a few times. She has a heart that is so desiring more of Christ and it is beautiful getting to know her and watch Him move her to new depths. Similarly, today I just met Kennedy, Maddie’s longtime friend from church, who I spent time in conversation with that was incredibly Spirit-led and about seasons of more radical trust in Him and what they do for the Kingdom. We talked about the diminishing power of words in saying things like, “His plans, not mine…” when Jesus can align His Spirit 100% with mine and my will is that HIS be done.
And Longtime Ones. I feel so blessed each day by my “high school friends,” who are much more than that but rather lifelong blessings and some of the most beautiful people I know. Daniella and I, our ongoing joke, is that we “have the same brain.” I can’t wait to see God continue to move mountains in her life– and in other lives around me. All praise be to Him!
Food. This weekend I went home for dinner and had my momma’s delicious spaghetti (best in the world) with white pasta and just served up on a plate for the first time in four years! And just totally normally. On top of her famous popcorn with Daniella and Courtney, and tons of other snacks (dairy-free ice cream) all such a blessing. All fading into the background. More of Jesus.
Harry Potter. I’m in the midst of a quarter of a class dedicated to Harry Potter study and the lecturer is solely focused on Harry’s spiritual journey as a protagonist– and man, so much Truth. It is so truly wonderful to be in a class so fully alert and in His presence, feeling so called to my studies!
Travel. As He fills cavities of once fear, I am reckoning an excitement at any opportunity or calling to see and explore more of His earth. I want to adventure for His sake, and I want to be still for His sake.
Music. I have been loving the Johnny-recommeneded artist Kye Kye so much, I’m consistently using her in my ballet classes! And study sessions.
Father I Just Wanna Be With You. He’s granted me such an unceasing awareness of His presence, and awareness of my NEED to be there. And desire to be only there. I just wanna sit with You, Father. Bring me to my knees for You, Father.
Where Your Mind Is There Your Heart Will Be Also. let it be You, Jesus. I choose You.

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