I wondered this morning whether I would blog today. Whether God would lead me to write. Whether, in listening, I would write.
And I realized how, while what I eat in a day is a fun thing for me to share because food is delicious and awesome and necessary for life and also aesthetically beautiful, photogenic, and a gift from God– what we REALLY eat, all we NEED in the word’s most important definition is the fruit of the Spirit of Jesus.
I don’t know yet what this series will look like but I know He does and I’m gonna give Him the wheel!
Today was full of His joy and victory. I woke up, hit snooze, and slept for another hour.
Maddie and I, last night on our way home from Bible Study, had both been like, “I’m gonna actually get up at a decent hour tomorrow.”
But I’m not out of bed until after 11 and honestly, I can feel that my body needs the sleep.
And it also needs zee coffee! (Not needed, but wanted? Maybe not even wanted, but I didn’t care at such point. Plus I have Starbucks blonde roast sitting on the counter).
None of that before time in the Word.
Yawn, out of covers, music “It is weeeelllll with my sooooullll”
Last night He drilled a Word in to me from 2 Corinthians 3, about the letter of the law as sin, and I found that in my daily devotional, Jesus Calling, a gift from my beautiful Kathryn and her beautiful mom!

Hold my hand in a child-like trust, and the way before you will open up step by step.

Our Father is so good! The moment I said, “Jesus, I am holding your hand, and I rebuke the attempts of the devil on me in Your name. Jesus, I am asking you to help me for your sake, because I can’t do any of it without you. Jesus, Jesus…”
Awashed in His presence, wrecked by His Word.
Out of bed, into slippers, into living room
This morning is fun because Maddie, Mary and I are all in the little kitchen making our breakfasts at the same time, and all have so much joy to talk about. Victories, stories, sharing, laughing. Coffee, vitamins, and a raisin and peanut butter banana sandwich later, and I am already running late for class.
Iambic petameter, free verse, satirical voice
Poetry class. I’ve never been great at it, though I have a boyfriend and an older sister who excel at it. I’m learning where it came from and more appreciating its beauty and art in both free and structured forms.
Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.39.10 AM.png
Bustle all around, You make me smile, I see You
Starbucks. I work here, yes, but it is one of my happy places outside of work, too.
The table where Johnny and I had our first date, free. Smile.
Coffee, packed lunch, study, hours, You.
Children’s Lit Tutorial: this TA makes me laugh. He is so jumbled and nervous, I want to hug him. He talks about our Harry Potter essays and creative writing project coming soon. We get to write a variation on a theme of Red Riding Hood. 
Mind and spirit already bustling with ideas, ah, thank-you Lord for a clear mind You are doing this You are filling my mind with righteousness and it is a gift unexplainable!!!
Home. Maddie, Mary, out the door pretty quick because
It seems impossible to find any sort of birthday gift for Mariah, but we buy what we think she might like. It’s funny. We know she’d endlessly appreciate and love even a used pair of shoes or a ratty scarf.
Maybe that’s part of why we want to get her something a little wonderful. We settle on a tea set, mason jar, and tea infuser. Plus a giant card for

Mariah Reichert, who tonight expressed so much joy and gratitude and had to hold her cheeks because they hurt from smiling. Mariah, who talks to, about, and for Jesus all day long.
Mariah, whose Saviour and King is truly more than sufficient for. Mariah, who yearns hungrily and with anguish for others to know His joy and their purpose in His Kingdom. Mariah, who lives every day with an illness and says “it is well with my soul” because of her loving relationship with her Saviour. Mariah, who is so selfless and genuinely cares, CARES for others’ souls. Mariah, whose voice is one of the sweetest, happiest sounds out there. Mariah, who I sat with wrecked in Jesus’ presence and by His love and conviction. Mariah, daughter of God, who I call sister, I have every cause to praise God for this your 23rd birthday, and I have felt Him beaming over you all day.
Mariah, who counts it all as joy, and each day, her prayer, be only to the pleasure of her Father.

This girl’s NAME is enough to bring shivers to my spine and a smile to my face. I love you, sista!! Happy Birthday, mon.
Home, little rushed, snack a lacking before 
I can’t explain the BLESSING it is to be tapping again. Amidst such a challenging yet kind and safe and fun group of girls. So many new friends already. 75 minute class, be a little longer?
Choreo is just starting.
Home sweet home, bits of homework, bits of laundry, bits of cleaning, all of Jesus. How amazing that in the midst of the “bits” He offers His WHOLE SELF to us, always. And in His presence, I am being radically changed.
Jesus, help me to hold Your hand even tighter. I know Your perfection is complete. 
Ah, what a day!

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