Good Evening, my brothers and sisters!

the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her. LUKE 10:39-42

I have never understood anger directed at the Lord. It is commonly asked among people who “would like” to believe, “Where is God in the midst of this struggle?” 
The answer to that has always seemed obvious to me. My own sin, of course, has placed Him in a place He is not; lower, not moving, not constant, without an attention span that is infinite. While of course, He is highest, always moving, consistently loving, with an eye bigger than the universe and attention infinite beyond human comprehension. 
I felt the anger of loss very deeply and this made me ask, for I believe the first time in my life, God, I know YOU are capable of changing this circumstance. Why haven’t you? I know this is a good thing. Why must it be this way?
And all in the same day, in the same moment, really, He filled me with His Spirit so powerfully that I was knocked to my knees, overcome by discomfort in my sinful and prideful and selfish ways and neeeeeed for Jesus my Saviour. Calling me to His presence with no distractions, no thoughts of the day’s tasks, but rather submission to relationship with Him, in that moment– and, I pray, every moment. 
And He promises that, in pursuing His pursuit of us– and oh, by His grace He pursues whether we pursue back or not, but of course He delights in our pursuit more than anything and oh how we delight in THAT– it will not be taken from us. 
I awoke in His presence. He moved me to discomfort in the way I reach for my phone first thing every morning, and so by His Spirit this morning was spent just wrecked in His presence and worship. 
Do you ever have plans in your head of how daily tasks might work? In order that things “get done” and order is kept. I know I do– and such organization is not inherently bad. But when in our humanness such worldly tasks conflict with our first and foremost intimacy and reverence for the Lord Jesus— these are never tasks we’re called to. 
In his 10th chapter, Luke writes about Mary Magdelene and her sister, Martha, whose house Jesus comes to visit. Martha is busy cleaning and preparing the house during His visit, but Mary sits at his feet, listens to Him and He to her. 
Jesus is beside us right now. Are we Mary, or are we Martha? 

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